A baby brings about a lot of changes in a woman’s life. The baby’s comfort and well-being is all that matters to a mother. From shower to food, dress to bedding, nothing gives a mother more happiness than shopping the best for her baby.

The mesmerizing baby products on Flipkart are every mother’s delight. The products with their uniqueness are a must buy for every mother.

1. Sangaitap Adjustable Shower Cap

Mothers dread shampooing their little ones. Not only does it get messy; it leaves the baby uncomfortable and with teary eyes. The best solution to the problem is the Sangaitap Adjustable Shower Cap. Moms are drooling over this amazing product. The USP lies in its unique design. It has negligible weight, specially designed to protect your baby’s eyes, while you shampoo them. The size of this shower cap can be easily adjusted. Once a nightmare, moms now enjoy shampooing their baby; all thanks to the Sangaitap Shower caps. The shower cap is extremely user-friendly. It can be washed easily and reused. Moms can use this cap safely for babies in the age group of 1-3 years.

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2. Dr. Trust Trumom Breast Pump – Electric

Mother’s milk is the best nutrition a baby can get. Quite often, working women struggle after delivery. Time management becomes a spot of bother. At times, even breastfeeding the baby gets difficult. The Trumom Electric Breastfeeding Pump comes as a boon for such mothers. The machine has been innovatively designed to ensure a faster milk flow. The 3 phase expression i.e. the Massage Mode, the Stimulation Mode, and the Expression Mode makes the highly portable pump stand out. An adaptor (part of the pack) or 4AA batteries is all that it takes to start the electric pump. The pump is extremely safe. Based on the requirements, the pump may be used once or multiple times a day.

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3. Babies Bloom Baby Anti Mosquito Repellent Fan

The Anti Mosquito Repellent fan is innovation at its best. The fan with an ultrasonic mosquito repellent is quite the rage and the best you can buy for your baby. It will not only provide a cooling effect but will also keep the mosquitoes away (at home or outside). The fan clips come with wide jaws and a flexible neck. Thus the fan can be clipped to a pram, stroller, car seat or a baby cot without any hassle. That the fan runs on batteries {2 PCS AA (UM-3)} is an added advantage.

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4. Littly Contemporary Velvet Bedding Set

The bedding set that comes with an attached mosquito net is a must for your baby. Supreme quality velvet is used in the bed. Your baby can now enjoy uninterrupted and peaceful sleep. The mosquito net will not disappoint you either.

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5. Philips Avent Feeding Bottle Twin Pack

The bottle with its unique designs and features makes the formula feeding healthy and natural. The bottle has amazing breast-shaped nipples. The nipples inside have petal designs. Thus, the teat of the bottle is flexible and soft to the core. The bottle comes with wide necks. This helps to minimize the spillage. The bottles are very easy and safe (BFA- free materials) to use.

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6. LuvLap Sports Baby Stroller

Life becomes a lot easier for the mother and the baby with the LuvLap Sports Baby Stroller. The stroller will leave you awestruck with its features. The safety harness attached to the seat makes sure that the baby stays guarded. The Reversible handlebar, a detachable food tray, and a shopping basket make the stroller stand out. Let your baby enjoy lazy strolls outside in the beautiful and user-friendly stroller.

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