Ladies, summer is here! And of course, you’re thinking of all that extra care you need to take to ensure your skin stays the way it is. And suddenly, you remember that the ‘sunscreen’ exists. And for your kids, the soft, sensitive skinned little ones require special treatment. Here’s our pick of our favourite sunscreens, just for your kids.

1. Banana Boat

This is an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 50 sunscreen. It is fragrance free, alcohol free and tear and water resistant. It is also pediatrician tested. Preferable use on babies above 6 months of age. Since it’s a white lotion, you can ensure your baby is fully covered.

2. Aveeno Natural Baby Protection

This is an all natural SPF 50+ lotion. It contains natural formulae such as zinc oxide, oat extracts and titanium dioxide. It protects your baby from the harmful UV rays and prevents scaly skin and sunburn.

3. California Baby Everyday

This is an all year round SPF 30+ lotion. It can be used everyday of the year and contains lemongrass. It has a soothing aroma and doesn’t harm the eyes. It is an aromatherapy lotion that comes in a flip tube and is sweat and water resistant.

4. Neutrogena Baby Sunscreen Lotion

This is a broad spectrum SPF 60+ sunscreen. It protects against UVA and UVB rays of the sun. It has a hypoallergenic formula and contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. This is also sweat and water resistant. It is an oil and fragrance free lotion suitable for babies.

5. Nivea Sun Kids

This SPF 50+ lotion claims to provide immediate protection to kids. It contains parabens and fragrance and is a broad spectrum sunscreen. It is also water and sweat resistant.

6. Key Sun Clear Zinke babies

This SPF 30+ lotion comes in a convenient stick. This stick prevents the sunscreen from entering the eyes.It is water resistant and fragrance free. It is also dermatologically tested and a broad spectrum cream.

7. SebaMed Sun Lotion

This SPF 30+ lotion comes with a mark for sun intolerant and sensitive skin. It is alcohol and fragrance free. It claims to be sweat and water resistant and stays on the skin for six hours. This lotion contains a 98% filter of UVA and UVB protection.

8. Chicco Baby Sunscreen

This is an SPF 50+ lotion that can be used on all babies since birth. It is created specially for babies and children and has no harmful effects on their sensitive skin. It is also fragrance free.

9. Farlin Baby Sunscreen

This SPF 20 lotion comes in a 30 ml pack. It uses pure and natural rice extracts only. It helps in preventing sun burn and sun tan. It is not tested on animals and is mild on the skin. It helps to prevent dryness, moisturize and repair skin damage and relieve itching. The rice extracts also help reduce inflammation on the skin.

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