They are lovably loud, have a bubbly spirit and are the sweetest people you’ll meet. But they could also absolutely terrify you. Like every other mom of India, they are caring and loving but in their own sphere of things, there are some stereotypical dialogues which we’re quite sure they own the copyrights to.

1. “Jaa giye aro ektu teebee dekh”

One of the most famous dialogues among Indian mom’s, when said in this Bengali version sounds even cuter and funny. The above statement is referring to an underachiever noob who failed to impress his mom with their grade. The explanation might sound impolite, but it’s quite funny when heard in first person and even more loving on the mother-child level.

2. “Shona, ekta gaan shonao, ektu naach kore dekhao?”

Be ready! For its time for your rendition of her famous Hindi song. Or if you’re able to move your legs in tandem with any Bollywood number, your maa has spectators for you. Whether you like it or not, you are out of options now. It’s upon the respect and integrity of your mother than you perform and that too with enthusiasm. So, go ahead. Good Luck on your performance!

3. “Shona tiffin niyecho? Jol khaicho? Brush korecho?

And here comes the caring part of her. Typically like every other mom in the morning, only this has a cute little funny Bengali tinge to it. It roughly translates to asking if you have carried your tiffin box, if you had ample amount of water and the most important – have you brushed your teeth properly this morning? The thought of you having become a big boy/girl, being able to take care of yourselves might creep up in your mindset, but remember without these words of hers, there would be loneliness.

4. “ Pet bhore khaa”

To all the mom’s of India: Yes! Your meals are delicious. You’re the best cook we ever had. But please maa, stop after that sixth ghee laden chapati. Or an extra third bowl of your delicious sabji. All your love is showing. Look closely at my balloon of a tummy and my fluffy, chubby cheeks which you find cute. I need to tone down maa to get you a good bahuu.

5. “Taratari kheye shute jao…kaal bhore uthte hobe”

It’s 10 at night. You can’t take your gaze off from 40” LCD, gorging ever so slowly on the deliciousness prepared by your mother, when all of a sudden your mother breaks in your concentration. Yes little minion, it’s time for your sleep. Your might forego the fact of getting up early, or rather not going to school altogether but she won’t. She won’t even fall for the more roti trap now, beware!

6. “Khobordaar, ekdum chup!”

Now we’re in for some trouble. Like seriously, even if you’re thinking of protest at this particular moment, tell you r inner self to be quiet. In her serious mode, you don’t wanna provoke her, for she might be as dangerous as a tigress herself. She will claw open all the history of all your misdeeds within a span of 5 minutes. Just give her a chance.

7. “Ajke tui Sheesh!”

You’re gone! One of the most famous quotes from which we began our article, this is like an angry howl. If you hear a soft lul after this declaration, don’t believe her. Stay in your hiding. Let her cool off. A Bengali mom, when angry, is much like an atom bomb. Trigger her, and you’re dead! But for all the mischievousness that her kid can portray before her, she is for one, the epitome of true love and care.

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