You can’t keep tabs on your kids 24/7. The outcome being that they play around and do things which leads to them catching diseases quickly. Kids are a magnet for the Common cold. If your kid has a constant cough, runny nose or sneezing problems, then it’s time to take a look at some ways of prevention rather than spending too much time energy with doctors. Constant medication also affects long term immunity of the child. Here are 20 ways to keep your kids Cold-Free:

1.Wash your Hands.

Washing hands is the first step towards a hygienic childhood. Kids touch a hundred thousand things and most of them have unwanted germs on them. Making kids wash hands regularly and between meals ensures that these germs aren’t ingested.

2.Bundle up, it is winter!

It is essential to bundle up your kids with warm woolen wear in winter months. Kids are extremely sensitive and their bodies aren’t perfectly developed which makes them easy victims of cough and cold. It is also essential to maintain modest air conditioning temperatures rather than freezing the house all out.

3.Skip the Good-night kisses when you’re sick.

Cold is a communicative disease and hence easily gets transmitted from one person to another. Parents should take precautions of avoiding physical contact with their kids if they are suffering from common cold, flu or any other such communicable disease.

4.Medicine Alert

It is said that parents can turn into Gods of seven heavens for their kids. Likewise, some parents play doctor and buy over the counter or online medicines without proper prescriptions. This can lead to misjudgment and further complications. So it is advisable to play safe and go to a doctor even if you’re kid is suffering from the most common of diseases – Common cold.

5.Covering Mouth while Sneezing, but not with your hands

This seems like a childish and too common a point to be mentioned. But more often than not, parents forget to follow through and become the reasons why germs are spread. It is essential for the person suffering from cold to cover his or her mouth while sneezing or coughing with a cloth and not their hands.

6.Healthy Food.

It goes without saying that a healthy diet goes a long way and helps your child to build a great immunity. It is of primary importance for the child’s body to be able to combat disease and win. Hence it is advisable that parents induce healthy eating habits from an early age itself.

7.Don’t touch that pretty face.

Tell your kids not to touch their face time and again. Hands carry a lot of bacteria which if gone to the face can lead to infections and cold.

8. Let them play.

Parents think that sending kids out in cold weather would make them sick. While it is important to bundle them up, it is equally important to let them play outdoors to make sure their body heat is maintained. Especially letting your kids play in sunlight helps them generate T-cells which boost the immune system.

9. Warm and Toasty.

Give your kids hot drinks and hot food items so that their inner body heat is maintained in case it is too cold for them to go outside and play.

10. Soup is the word.

Soup helps the body in a lot many ways. Tasty and nutritious soups are something the kids can’t resist. Chicken or tomato soups are healthy for the body and help build immunity. So be sure to cook your kids some scrumptious soup to keep the cold at bay.

11. Aerobic Exercises.

Exercising as we all know is necessary to keep fit and fine. Make your kids do some aerobics to keep them fit as well. Aerobics are fun exercises that the kids are bound to love rather than finding them ‘something to be dealt with’.

12. Get them to Relax.

Some kids are in constant motion and it is absolutely impossible to get them to sit in one place for more than five minutes. Due to this, their bodies are in constant vigil and don’t get a second’s rest. As a result of this, their body tires and gives in to diseases like common cold. So make sure your kids also have ample amount of time to relax.

13. Get them some beauty sleep.

It is essential that kids have plenty sleep for their bodies to be ready to face another day filled with adventure. Lack of sleep leads to health problems and lower immunity levels. Therefore, proper sleep for your children is important to keep your kids Cold-Free.

14. Costume Change!

Parents should change kids into a fresh pair of clothing every time they go out and get themselves even remotely dirty. When kids come home from school, after their evening play and before going to bed are the times when parents can give their kids a little wash up and help them into a new set of clothes. This prevents breeding of germs.

15. Make them drink up!

The average human body needs at least 7-8 liters of water per day. This means that kids require at least 5 liters of water per day to help them in their metabolism. Water can get a little boring for kids all the time, so fashion up juices and glucose energy drinks to get your kids to drink them up. The ultimate goal is to keep your kids hydrated.

16. Give them an extra pillow under their head.

Giving your kids an extra pillow under their head while sleeping, helps relieve congested nasal passages. The goal is to create a gradual slope to clear blockages and chokes in their sinus passages.

17. Gargle with water.

Making your kids gargle with water will help them keep free of upper respiratory tract infections. Gargling at least 3 times a day, helps to keep the cold away.

18. Gently massage their nose.

Research shows that massaging an acupuncture point known as yingxiang, located at the lower border of the nostril, can provide relief from nasal congestion.

19. Visit a Doctor.

Last but not the least; one can always make a trip to the doc no matter how much your child fears and detests it. Doctors know exactly what to do in situations where all preventive and remedial measures fail. There is no way of knowing if what we think is cold isn’t something entirely else. In such a case, all measures taken at home to cure the disease will be rendered ineffective. And as always, prevention is always better than cure!

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