You probably already know that babies grow at a very fast pace during the first year of their lives, but every baby has a unique way and rate of accomplishing these developmental milestones. This refers to the stages that babies go through as they grow up, for example, the capability to grab stuff, crawl, laugh, talk, etc. These are easily identifiable capabilities in a child and they happen on a physical (motor), linguistic and emotional level.

Month 1:

One-month-old babies can lift their head, focus on objects or faces that are about 8-12 inches away, their hands are mostly in fists and they can see black and white patterns. Some babies might make ooh/aah sounds, smile, or even laugh and follow objects.

Months 2-3:

Babies that fall in this age gap can support their upper bodies and heads, and kick and stretch, but can do so only when they are on their back or stomach. They can open and close their hands, grab hand toys, hit dangling toys and follow objects. They can also make cooing sounds, smile at known faces and enjoy new company.

Months 4-7:

At this age, babies can laugh and constantly babble. They can make out the tone of the voices that they hear, like happiness or anger, can roll over in both direction, distinguish between colors, mouth objects, sit without support, can hold their weight in both legs when held upright and may also drag objects towards themselves. They try to look for hidden objects and some babies might be able to hold their weight when upright or by holding furniture

Months 8-12:

Babies at this stage can mostly find hidden objects, are able to understand the very basics of what goes where in a few things they see several times every day, like holding the phone to their ears or drinking from a cup. They also tend to be shy around strangers and are definitely more perceptive to the things around them. They also tend to get upset and cry when they see their parents leaving. Also, they learn to say ‘mama’ and ‘papa’ or ‘dada’, not specifically at first, but eventually in the right manner. They start shaking hands, waving ‘bye-byes’, and try to imitate the words they hear, which might make them say their first proper word in this age gap.

Physically, the most noticeable thing that a baby can now do is crawl and get into and out of the sitting position without help! Also, they can now use their pincer (thumb and finger) grasp to hold and drag objects, start putting objects in and out of boxes and do certain functional activities like holding a cup or spoon or turning the pages of a book. Somewhere in this period they also learn to hold onto furniture and stand upright and navigate with its help.

This is about all that a parent can expect to see their baby doing in his/her very first year. The journey is incredible and you begin to realize how quickly your baby is going to grow up- between all the nursing, crying and sleepless nights, you will see your tiny infant become a toddler in what will seem to be just a few moments! So, make the most of the roller coaster ride that parenting is with your *adorable* baby.

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