Summer brings in a lot of fun and excitement. Kids look forward to the summer vacations. The scorching and stinging heat fail to dampen their spirits. Summer vacations, summer camps, ice-creams, family vacations; the summer bucket list is skyrocketing. However, kids tend to get bored easily. This summer, bid goodbye to boredom with amazing and fun-filled summer activities. These super cool summer activities (indoor and outdoor) will leave your kids refreshed and rejuvenated. Get ready! A rocking summer awaits your little one.

Fun on the beach:

Kids love to spend time with their families. With parents around, kids feel loved and protected. A day out on the beach is the best you can do for your child. Build sand castles, collect shells, play volleyball; the fun is unlimited. Fun for kids, stress buster for parents, it is a day well spent.

Paint the world:

Every kid is a painter in disguise. The amazing scribbles on the wall stand tall to testify the above point. Introduce your kid to the uniqueness of stone painting. They will enjoy it to the core. Unleash the creative genius in your child. Their creativity will leave you appalled. Bubble painting is equally intriguing and should be encouraged. Bubble painting can be done using food colors. A little messy, it is sure to bring out the best in your child.

Nurture mother nature:

Kids love to imitate their parents. Get the little hands to assist you in gardening. Encourage and help your tot plant a sapling every day, water and take care of plants. Believe it or not; kids will take pride in this summer activity.

Racing the paper boat way:

Paper boats are every kid’s delight. Easy and hassle free, kids will enjoy this activity to the hilt. Make as many paper boats as possible. Get a tumbler full of water (mimicking the pool) Carefully place all the paper boats into it. Let the race begin! Soap boat races are thrilling enough to set your summer sailing.

A fight too cute to resist:

Water balloon fights will leave the kids wanting more. It is an exciting outdoor summer activity. Water balloon fights require no effort at all. A bunch of excited kids, lots of water balloons and a super cool fight is there for all to enjoy.

A treasure interesting enough to hunt:

Summer activity is incomplete without a treasure hunt. The hunt for the treasure can be quite an experience. Pirate hats to exciting clues, the curious minds leave no stone unturned to unearth the hidden treasure.

A chef in the making:

Summers and ice creams are synonymous to each other. Kids throng ice cream parlors to get the flavor of their choice. How about making one at home? Kids will just love this activity. Get the necessary ingredients and see how the little chef makes the world’s best ice creams. Likewise, they can also try their hands at lemonades, milkshakes, and cookies

Fun around the sprinklers:

Sprinklers during summers are a much-needed relief. You can either get the sprinklers from the market or make one at home. Making a sprinkler is no rocket science. A little assistance and your kid will be ready with the sprinkler. Take any empty bottle, drill holes into it and connect it to the water source. The sprinkler is all set to enthrall your kid.

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