Here’s a checklist of 7 essential things that you should bulk buy to cut cost before welcoming your baby.

1. Nappies

Babies use as much as 10-12 nappies a day when they are born. In the future, this quantity will decrease as they grow older, but till then it is the best option to bulk buy them as for the first 2 years it’s going to cost you high.

To cut down your expenditure, you should shop wisely and in bulk and when shopping don’t look for the total price but look at the actual cost of one nappy.

When you see a good offer just grab a few, not just one because you are going to need them a lot.

2. Wipes

Wipes are needed for quick cleanups and they are to be kept handy. You will need them while changing baby’s nappies or when you have finished with potty training. They are one of the must-haves and are to be kept at arm’s length- in the car, pushchair, in the diaper bag, etc. you are going to need plenty of them and every time if you are going to buy single pack it will be expensive for you, so buy a large box of wipes or in bulk so that it’s handy when you need them.

You can try and buy different brands as the known brands are quite expensive. Always look for offers on big boxes of wipes and compare the prices.

3. Baby Formula

Breast milk is the best, but if breastfeeding is not the route you decide to go, formula will do the trick. To be on the safer side, buy formula milk in bulk. It will save you a lot of money.

4. Healthy snacks

This is for the mommies. When you come back home from the hospital you are all drained out. You are hungry and tired as hell, so you should have a plenty of healthy snacks options ready to fuel your body.

For this, you can bulk buy whole grain cereals, nuts, popcorn, frozen fruit for smoothies, dried fruit or dried chips, and chocolate bars for instant energy.

5. Breastfeeding-friendly bottles

Breastfeeding can be painful as well as a stressful job and it is not possible every time to breastfeed the baby. For this kind of situation, you can get a bottle so that your husband or your helper can feed the baby with your expressed breast milk. You can find many breastfeeding friendly bottles in the market that will make easier for the baby to transit back and forth from breasts to bottle easily.

Bottle feeding will also help in bonding relationship between the baby and father.

6. Laundry Detergent and Fabric Conditioner

With baby comes a lot of washing. Babies need to change their clothing at least 3-4 times a day and for this, you’ll definitely need a lot of laundry detergent and fabric conditioner. You can save up to 50% if you bulk buy these items.

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