The weight gain during the 9 months of pregnancy will obviously require work and dedication from your side. Let’s face it…it is impractical to expect jumping from maternity pants to those snug college jeans in a matter of days.

Wanting to lose weight on a new mother’s part is perfectly justifiable. Holding on to those extra pregnancy pounds can lead to health problems. In certain cases, it can also cause problems in future pregnancies.

Most women lose pregnancy weight naturally without making much of a shift in their lifestyles. For others, there are ways to lose weight and squeeze back into those pre-pregnancy clothes. Coupling nutritional and physical activity strategies brings about the best results as observed in most scientific studies.

Food wise,  a mediterranean diet is the best way to get back in shape. It is also a healthy way to lose weight without compromising on essential nutrients and vitamins. The diet is a combination of eating foods that are natural, avoiding unhealthy fats and excess red meat. It includes consuming more of fruits, vegetables, grains, fish, eggs, milk (in moderation) and olive oil.

Next in line is exercising. It is very important for women to know that exercising during pregnancy itself keeps the body active and prevents any complications during and after pregnancy. Staying active and brisk walking are ways to keep you fit during pregnancy.

Although it is essential for moms to get moving as soon as they can, after delivery, it would be better to first check with your obstetrician if it is alright for you to exercise just as yet. After getting a heads-up from your doctor, start walking. Walking, according to experts, is a great way for new moms to get some exercise. Slowly and gradually build up your time and increase the number of minutes you walk for every day. Maybe even take your baby for a stroll!

Jogging, cycling, yoga, and swimming are some other great ways to exercise. There are many other household activities that one can do to lose some pounds. Cleaning the house, cooking and grocery shopping are small tasks that induce physical activity in your everyday chores and help you lose that extra pound without having to hit the gym.

You’d be surprised to learn that knitting burns about 100 calories per hour! It’s the most stress-free way to burn some fat. So ladies, go knit some warm clothes for your little one!

If you find yourself alone at home, either alone or with your spouse, try dancing to shed those those kilos away. It’s a better way to lose weight than joining a gym and it no doubt burns a ton of calories. Dancing will also help you reconnect with your partner, and make you feel fresh, confident and rejuvenated.

Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. This helps wash out toxins and speeds up your metabolism.

Getting an adequate amount of sleep is more crucial than all of the above and should be an essential part in the routine of a new mom. Sleep give you the mental and physical energy for  diet, exercise, and household activities, which means you are well on your way to achieving your goal weight.

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