Does your baby cry all the time? Do you think getting even two minutes of silence is an unheard-of pleasure? It’s time to leave behind those sleepless nights and dark circles. Take a look at a few of these tips to stop your baby from crying.

1. Feed your little ones well

Hunger is one of the main reasons why babies cry. They can’t talk and hence resort to the only way in which they can convey the emotions of their grumbling stomach – crying. In order to prevent this, make sure you feed your baby at regular intervals with small servings. This will prevent them from suffering from any acid refluxes and also satisfy their hunger so they won’t cry.

2. Make them comfortable

More often than not, babies get uncomfortable due to unavoidable reasons and start crying. Parents should check on them every forty-five minutes at least to see if they’ve wet their nappies. In such cases, clean them thoroughly with warm water before putting on a new diaper. Discomfort can also be due to improper arrangement of bedding. In such a case, arrange their bedding properly and choose soft but firm mattresses.

3. Stop bothering them

Babies are a welcome distraction in a household with their chubby cheeks and tiny hands. We love to cuddle and hug them, but remember that they are not a play thing. Babies need plenty sleep and get tired or bored easily. Parents should resist the temptation of doing too many things at a time to entertain their little ones. This can cause displeasure on the baby’s part, which may further entice them to cry.

4. Noises can be scary for them

Remember that it’s a new world for them and babies easily get scared by noises like that of a vacuum cleaner or thunder. In such cases parents should stay close and cuddle their babies to reassure them of it being nothing more than just a regular disruption.

5. Don’t get angry and don’t shout

If your baby doesn’t stop crying, please don’t get angry or yell at them. They hardly understand things and passing on negative vibes to them will only make it worse. Try singing to them or talking to them. The rhythm of songs or a loved one talking soothes them and makes them feel safe.

6. Go for a walk or a drive

Babies need change too. Constantly being within four walls can be a little too overwhelming for them. Take them for a walk or a drive. This will help them connect with nature and also boost their immunity. Try to take them out in the morning sun as much as possible, this will not only help them absorb positive vibes, but also give them vital vitamins from the sun’s rays.

7. Rock-a-bye baby

Sometimes the simplest things can be the most effective. Gently rock your babies to stop them from crying. Also, don’t forget to bundle them up to give them a more womb-like environment.

8. Illness/pain

In certain cases, it becomes absolutely impossible for parents to hush up their crying babies. Even after eliminating all reasons that might be causing them displeasure (such as hunger or a wet nappy) the baby still keeps crying. Under such circumstances it is advisable for parents to consult a pediatrician since their baby might have some kind of pain or illness.

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