Attractive noises, colours, blocks and toys that keep your baby active and curious all day long. Toys are for more than just entertainment. There are some toys which improve your kid’s motor skills, finger and hand dexterity, and those which require some kind of skill to play. So here is a list of five must have toys that parents ought to buy for their little ones:

1. Rattles

Every baby needs a good rattle. Rattles not only help you perform your household chores while your baby is engaged in its musical sound, but it also develops the motor and sensory skills of your baby. Holding and playing with the rattle leads to the strengthening of your baby’s hand muscles while providing some exercise. Rattles also help develop your baby’s other senses such as hearing, sight and touch. While buying a rattle, try to buy one which can also act as a teether, since babies have a habit of chewing everything they catch hold of.

2. Blocks

Your baby won’t need blocks till a couple of months have passed; but do get your baby a wooden block set. Plastic blocks aren’t advisable up until the age of 2. A baby can use blocks to bang two together, practice grasping and releasing and later on, stacking and building. Or watch as your baby looks on in amazement when you build a tower out of the blocks and then let your baby knock it down. Your baby may vocalize to try to communicate with you to do it again! A good set of blocks will last several years!

3. Ball Drops

Ball drops help develop fine and gross motor skills. When you and your baby are playing with this toy, an exchange of words and hand gestures takes place. Although your baby can’t speak, she is still communicating. This further helps in developing the following skills: grasping, reaching, releasing, hand-eye coordination, depth perception, midline play, transferring between hands, banging together, sound localization, visual tracking, sitting, standing, cruising, squatting, kneeling, walking, etc.

4. Baby Gyms

Baby Gyms are new gen toys that are a must have for your baby. Your baby can literally start using them from day 1. As the name suggests, the baby gym is a holistic toy which serves all purposes. These help your baby improve hand-eye coordination, depth perception, grasping, sitting, rolling, and many other things. Your little one will definitely find more uses for a gym than you could possibly imagine. Your baby will learn to reach, pull, shift eye gaze and learn about cause and effect with this amazing toy!

5. Shape Sorters

Shape sorters don’t just help your baby identify shape, but they are a great tool for problem solving and hand-eye coordination. Your baby will soon learn that the star shape will not fit into the square cut out. She will also figure out that she needs to line the shape up to the cut out to make it fit into the box. Motor skills will also be strengthened as he practices grasping and releasing the shape.

As a parent you can definitely talk about the names of each shape, you can count how many shapes there are and talk about the colors of the shapes.

Make sure you chose a toy that has at least two uses and 3 months lifetime for your baby to get accustomed to and play with. Avoid buying toys that have batteries from an early age to prevent overwhelming your baby or causing any unguarded harm. Also, do introduce your babies to fun books from an early age on. Play well, Stay safe! 

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