There is a famous book, Little White Lies, Deep Dark Secrets: The Truth About Why Women Lie, by Susan Shapiro Barash. The author says and I quote: “Women weigh the pros and cons of honesty versus lying. Often they find that white lies serve them more than the truth.” It may be the benevolence of your beloved or it may be something to surprise you (in a good way). Though, no matter the argument or excuse is, no one really wants to get accustomed to such behavior. So keep your guard up and listen up for these lines to know when to call bluff.

1. No gifts for our anniversary.

Never fall for this! It’s just a test of how much you love her. Act as soon as you can and go out there, get something special for her, which contradicts her comment in any way – a couple of roses bunched in her favorite purse might be a good idea.

2. “We’ve time. There’s no hurry for kids.”

The countdown has begun. She is not enforcing you ASAP but has made up her mind for sooner rather than later. Even if she is young, she has her own timeline, which keeps ticking in her mind. You just can’t avoid it.

3. “It’s cool. I’m okay with you spending nights outside.”

Commitment, without a doubt, is engrained in women much more than men. She might enjoy watching her favorite soap on an occasional guys night out or in, but make a habit of it every weekend and you’re in trouble.

4. “I want you for who you are.”

Oh yes she does, but just on the face of it. When it comes to the bigger picture, she totally would try and change you. For now, she wants to avoid a heated conversation and enjoy the relationship for what it is.

5. “Your friends are fun to hang out with.”

This is one of the most common lie by almost women worldwide, whether they be a devoted housewife or a working lady.The bright side is, she acknowledges the company of your friends.

6. “We need to save more.”

Don’t be surprised if there is already a savings account without your knowledge. Women strongly believe in the idea of saving, a contradiction to a man’s need to spend. Also, they have their way one way or the other.

7. “I love Fantasy Football League.”

Husband’s think it’s cool to share an interest with their better half and they are right in attempting to do so. This is true with wives too, but it never really works out for the most part. She will smile and laugh, but only on the outside.

8. “I’m not good with the lawn mower.”

Be it any outside chore, a conservative husband would believe in keeping the soft side of his wife intact. However, it is not the complete truth. She actually does know about moving a mower or be it other outside chore, but is too lazy to look after the outsides too.

9. “I’m not in contact with any ex-boyfriend.”

As much as you would want to believe this, it is false. They are never going to get back with their ex, but she may still keep in touch as she feels ‘he’s a nice person’.

10. “Your poetry makes me feel something else.”

A bizarre fact to admit, but most husbands who write to impress their wives often fall in the cliche` trap. They fall behind in their creativity and their partners often cringe hearing it, even is she has a sweet smile on her face.

11. “You are the best I have ever had.”

After this line, you won’t even dare ask about the past. It’s soothing to hear such remarks, to the extent that it may subdue your vision of that smirk on her face. Maybe she just doesn’t want you to know.

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