There’s something that puts in a certain fear in most parents – SMALL toys! As a responsible parent, you would do your best to keep such things out of your kid’s reach. But is that really it? Not really, there are certain products your baby just cannot be allowed to spend time around. Here’s a list of 8 such things. 

1. Crib Tents

It’s supposed to be something which would inhibit your kid from climbing out, secured well and tight by the belts. But constant poking and pulling at these belts and they might even become deadly snags for your little ones. Worse, if your baby tries to climb out of it at that point, he might get tangled even further. A toddler bed does the trick instead of a crib. It does look like a typical bed but it comes with a special crib mattress that keeps your child safe and coddled.

2. Walkers

The very famous walkers are a source of delight in many kids. They seem reliable too, helping your baby take their first step. According to a survey almost 21,000 injuries occur due to the fact of a baby rolling down the stairs. A walker is said to inhibit the process of peak development of a child or rather delay it. Natural ways should always be preferred when it comes to basic movements rather than artificially infusing first movements.

3. Infant Bathtub Seats

These bathtub seats instill in their consumers a false sense of security. It is going to help your baby sit upright during a bath, yes. But the risk of your child going over and falling down is much more. A survey illustrates around 170 deaths due to this equipment. A plastic bathtub, which is simple yet hard is definitely the way to go for your baby’s bath.

4. Sling Carriers

We see them everyday. Mom’s walking around with their babies in these carriers which make up for an adorable portrait. But the hard truth shows that around 15 deaths have been caused in the last 15 years due to these, and injuries, even more. Science tells us that prolonged compression against a baby’s body can ultimately lead to suffocation. Even cases of skull injuries have been admitted.

5. Soft-comfy Beddings

These designed adorable blankets and even pillows might be pretty sight, but it’s better if we limit them to decorative purposes only. The more the softness, more is the chance of getting tangled or getting suffocated. A sleeping sack or a swaddles is a not-so-decorative but a rather safe option from the above mentioned things.

6. Bumpers

These things are basically designed to protect your baby’s head. But what they expose the babies to are far worse. We are talking about suffocation. With restricted basic movements at the primal age, the chances are even higher. Again, natural is the way to go here. Let your child adjust her head by herself. A simple crib with sheet fitted onto it, does the job.

7. Sleep Positioner

Designed to help the child maintain their position during sleep, they basically prevent them from turning on their stomach. Sometimes they are even used to elevate their head which is said to help with acid reflux problems. But, if unknowingly, the baby positions its head against the positioner it might lead to immediate suffocation. If there’s a case of congestion, you might wanna consult your physician.

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