Birthmarks are red, pink or purplish blemishes caused due to abnormal blood vessels under the skin. Some are formed due to clustering of pigment cells. Whatever be the case, there are a number of myths and superstitious beliefs revolving around them.

Here are some myths surrounding birthmarks in babies:  

1. Skin of Lord Krishna.

When babies are born with bluish-green blemishes on their skin, it is assumed that they have borrowed some skin color from Lord Krishna himself. Is that not a fantastic assumption! However, such blemishes are mainly caused due to discoloration of the skin and are known as Mongolian spots. These usually fade as your child grows and vanish completely in time.

2. Your baby will unveil your craving.

It is often believed that if a mother has a particular unfulfilled food craving during her pregnancy, her baby will be born with a birthmark in the shape of, or in the color of, that particular food item. So, for example, if a mother had an (unfulfilled) craving for strawberries, the baby is expected to have a reddish birthmark, possibly in a triangular shape. This is a myth since mothers with jackfruit cravings have had infants born with bluish or pinkish blemishes instead of yellow patches.

3. Burn marks are a result of a mother staring into fire.

It is a popular myth that if the mother stares into fire when pregnant, she risks the chances of having a baby with burn marks. This myth is countered by doctors as the ‘burned myth’ or very literally something that is as worthless as ashes. Burn-like marks in babies are mostly seen due to improper development of skin in infants. As babies grow in size, these marks seem to diminish and vanish altogether in most cases, although, in some cases, small dot like impressions of the mark might still remain.

4. Luckiest baby ever!

Parents are of the opinion that, if babies are born with a birthmark in the middle of their chest or with a birthmark in the shape of a heart, their babies are exceptionally lucky. And whoever touches such babies have a long life of happiness since luck seems to favor them. A very eccentric myth! Are not all babies very luck for their parents, regardless? The arrival of the baby itself brings immense happiness into the household, and luck seems to favor only those who do their fair share of hard work instead of relying on getting lucky by touching a baby with the right kind of birthmark.

5. Re-incarnation.

Birthmarks are also believed to be a way of finding out how the person died in their previous life. These marks are considered to be sources for finding out the very fact. They are believed to be an injury from a previous life. This is a very interesting myth if you are a believer in the cycle of life and death.

The Truth is that birthmarks are just blood vessel or pigmentation abnormalities that take place in babies. Some researchers claim during pregnancy, the proteins produced by the placenta may be responsible for birthmarks. Some claim that birthmarks can be inherited.

However, the thing that medical science is assuring us is that birthmarks cannot be prevented and are not caused by what a woman did, does or has done during her pregnancy, or by what she ate during pregnancy.

Most birthmarks do not cause any problems for your child. Though, do monitor your child’s birthmarks to see if they are getting bigger or changing color. If the pattern of mole has changed or if it itches or bleeds, consult a doctor. They will examine the birthmark and tell you if treatment is necessary or not.

The mystery about the birthmark is yet to be discovered. We can hope that modern science will be able to find it soon. Always speak to your doctor to clear your doubts about your baby’s birthmarks.  

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