We all know this, excess weight is never easy to reduce. Weight gained due to pregnancy is that much harder to say ‘Good riddance!’ to. If you do start to work on it soon enough though, you should be well on your way to being the slim wonder you once were. Before you get excited and decide to hand over your moolah to the best gym in your city, know that what you need more than a gym is the right diet. Agreed, it’s the worst feeling to be on one, but totally worth it when your muffin tops are gone…. and you know it! The diet mentioned here is one you’ll probably dread the most: the low-carb diet. And if you do decide to follow this- no pastries, pasta or bread. All you get, eventually, is a super fit body and great health.

1. Ultra Low Carb (ULC) Roti Flour

We’re not just saying it. This atta is very different from the ones we usually consume. It doesn’t just manage weight, but also helps keep the body’s sugar levels balanced and helps reduce inflammation.

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2. High Protein Bamboo Seed Dosa Mix

As dosas are generally easy to make, it is a convenient option to put it on your everyday menu (for at least one meal). For a more healthier option of the dosa, try the High Protein Bamboo Seed Dosa mix. It won’t let you down, both in terms of taste and health.

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3. High Fiber Oats Cookies

Biscuits or cookies are everybody’s all time favorite munchies. Replace these goodies with high fiber oats cookies and you’ve got the best alternative to help you with your low-carb diet. The ingredients used are rolled oats and whole wheat, resulting in the best cookies you could ask for. It even works well for vegetarians, as it is egg-free!

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4. Low Carb Kabuli Chana Idli Mix

Drowned in sambar is the best way to enjoy idli, a super healthy steamed food. In south Indian homes, the idli has always been a staple, but this light and healthy food is now a favourite in every other kitchen. But did you know that idlis are actually high in carbohydrate content? Not to worry though, just include the Low Carb Kabuli Channa Idli Mix and you’re set.

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5. Ancient Grain Low Carb Atta

Unlike the usual’s you find in the market, the Ancient Grain Low Carb Atta is not a result of fertilizers and pesticides, which makes it a boon for those on a low-carb diet. Its high protein content also makes it the go-to option for vegans who generally struggle with meeting their daily protein needs.

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