When you think of the Olympic Games, you think ripped and super sporty bodies that make you want to ‘consider’ hitting the gym. Now shift that image to podgy, rounded, barely walking babies trying to compete at such an event. Something like that would be as funny as it would be adorable.

Let’s get our imaginations on a roll with a bunch of tiny tots trying to run a 100-meter race on newly drawn, impeccable track markings.

“On your mark, get set …Go!!”

Guess what?! The babies, a.k.a. the revered Little Olympians, are going to be scattered across the field even before you say “Go!”, and some of them are just staring into space.

Now imagine a little baby girl in a spiky, fountain-like ponytail trying to be a gymnast. For one, she’s not moving because she isn’t happy that mommy and daddy aren’t around. In a little while, you start to see her face well up and this pretty much breaks into a cranky wail that’s not very ‘Olympian’ of her. And you know what happens when one baby cries – it’s the perfect reason for every one of them to do the same. So there, your fancy Olympic Games has turned into a chaotic event for the world to watch – mommies and daddies scrambling into the scene with a milk bottle, pacifiers, rattles and what not. You might as well have put all of the little cuties in a room full of colorful balls and stuffed animals or on an incredibly large trampoline – two sure shot ways of keeping them entertained and bringing out the sport in them.

For a better idea of what the Baby Olympics would look like, click on the link given below. We promise that this will cheer you up and even make your day no matter what.

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