Summer can be the most exciting time for your baby to learn about new things such as beaches, ice cream sundaes, lemonade, and swimming tubs. The heat of summer on your baby’s sensitive skin can confine you from enjoying the season with him/her. Assuring that you carry these essentials for your baby can help you enjoy summer without being held back.

1. Baby sunscreen

These tested and tried products are safe for your baby’s skin, so use sparing amounts to cover your baby’s exposed body parts to protect his/her skin from the harsh UV rays. Make sure you try the product on a small area of your baby’s hand to check for allergic reactions, inflammation or rashes. Use mild products and do some research on the product before buying it.

2. UV protected over shed strollers

Use strollers that have a UV protected over shed that will protect your baby while in the sun.

3. Summer clothes

Use light-coloured cotton clothes for your baby. This ensures that your baby’s skin is kept cool and comfortable in summer.

4. Reusable swim diapers

Summer wouldn’t be fun if your baby is not exposed to a beach or a pool, but diapers can be a discomfort for your baby while taking a dip in the pool. Therefore, try using reusable swim diapers. These diapers come in handy when you do not have to constantly change your baby’s diaper whilst also protecting the environment.

5. Puddle jumper life jackets

If you decide to take your baby to the beach, make sure you are ready with a perfectly-sized life jacket to protect your baby from any form of mishap.

6. Light weight blankets

Since the summer heat can be suffocating for your baby, use lightweight blankets to cover your baby while asleep. This will not cause them any discomfort.

7. Hats

Use hats that will ensure maximum coverage to your baby’s face and neck. The skin on your baby’s neck and skin tend to be more sensitive than that of the rest of their body. Use hats along with a compatible sunscreen, and your baby is all set for summer!

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