Marriage is a wonderful thing and the idea of living with the person you love is overwhelming even. However, couples sometimes come across a feeling that occurs quite often. The feeling of missing the comfort of their mother at home. You’ll probably feel this the most when you want your favourite dish, usually one your mother prepares, or when you’re done washing the last dish for the day.

Below, we list out those moments of nostalgia when you realised just how good you had it at home.

1. When it’s 2:30 and you realise your cravings have set in

We all relate to this, it’s that awful moment when you realise only you can now satisfy your cravings. Craving for some halwa? Make it yourself. The feeling of not having your mom prepare your every quirky craving is truly gut-wrenching. At times like this, you just want to run home to mommy.

2. When that dreaded alarm is the only thing that wakes you up

You are so used to having a walking-talking alarm clock that the idea of setting an alarm the previous night almost irritates you. As much as we dreaded being woken up by our parents while still in school, it’s one of those things we miss as adults. Let’s face it, any of us would trade, “Priya nashta taiyaar hai. Uth jaa!” to the annoying symphony of the alarm clock. Is it even a symphony when it’s so annoying?

3. When chai time is not the best time

Tea time is not the same anymore. Sure you have your husband or kids or both to hang out with, but nothing can replace a cup of hot tea coupled with that fresh batch of mom-made pakodas and a full dose of gossip with your mom. It’s now that you realise it wasn’t the gossip that made chai time the best, it was spending time with her.

4. When your food doesn’t taste as good as hers

This one really hits you. It’s when all you want is a home-cooked meal made by none other than mummy-dearest. There really is something about ‘maa ke haath ka khaana’ that no matter how hard you try you can never replicate. Maybe it really was that extra spoon of love she added. *sigh*

5. When you fall sick

No medical article online, not even the doctor can make you feel better when you’re sick like mom can. It’s almost like she was given an exclusive manual with detailed instructions on how to take care of you when you fall sick. From giving you the right medicine at the right time to making you the perfect soup/food, she knows the right way to do it. This makes falling sick in a place that’s not mom’s home an almost traumatic experience.

6. When you realise things are not automatically refilled or replaced

At your mom’s house, everything is in the right place. Every bottle of empty shampoo is replaced and every bottle of water in the fridge is refilled at all times. Now, it’s you who has to do it. How one misses having that fresh set of clothes, washed and ironed, just appear in your cupboard. It’s now that you realise there’s someone doing that for you and that someone just happens to be you.

7. When you hear her voice on the phone and all you want is to be at home with her

You speak for hours on the phone with your mom as you can picture everything she is doing while talking to you. Folding the clothes in your brother’s room, watering the plants or just enjoying a cup of tea. You picture the room she is in and how she is sitting even. This is when you realise the urge that’s been nagging you since you moved with your husband. There is the intense desire to be there at your mom’s house, in your home.

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