Perfect, long, shiny, voluminous hair! Isn’t that just the dream for all us ladies out there? Do you think pregnancy is going to come in the way of that? No way! Ladies, now before we give you the secrets to beautiful hair, you need to know a few things. Your hair has three phases: the active growth, the resting, and the shedding phase.

During these phases, you normally shed about 100 strands of hair daily. But things change when you’re pregnant. The extra hormones gushing through your body change your hair cycle. During pregnancy, your hair either grows or stays on your head and doesn’t shed, and makes your hair seem longer and thicker than usual.

However, you must know that post-delivery, about three to six months later, you will go through massive loss of hair, which can range from extreme to very mild. But this is normal and temporary! It is due to the drop of hormones and their transition to how they were before you were pregnant. When this phase is done, your hair will grow normally, just like before you were pregnant.

Now that you know why your hair behaves in this strange manner, let’s get into what you can do to make sure you have perfect hair during and after pregnancy!


1. Know your hair type

Your natural hair is going to change through the course of your pregnancy and even after. You should be using products that are made for your particular hair type. So, if your hair type changes temporarily, use products that will accommodate your hair during these changes. Investing in products that cater to your exact hair type will help add nourishment to your hair, making it less prone to dryness and damage. If you aren’t too sure, check with your stylist so you can get a heads-up as to what products to use for your hair type. This will help you go back to your old products, as your hair goes back to normal after you have delivered.

2. Say NO to chemicals

Stay away from chemicals! Your hair is already going to change and you are going to have hair fall, so why add to your worries by using chemicals! Actually, many obstetricians/gynecologists advise you to refrain from colouring your hair while pregnant, as it just isn’t healthy with all the various chemicals you’re being exposed to. Even post pregnancy, the chemicals will just make your already fragile hair weaker and aid hair fall. So we suggest waiting for at least 6 months post pregnancy before reaching for that hair colour you love. Another important thing is to read the labels of the hair products you buy as some of them are just filled to the brim with harmful chemicals. So ladies, please do read the labels!

3. A balanced diet and essential supplements are key

This is something you’ve heard since the time you got pregnant, from your parents, aunts, doctors, neighbours and a long list of other people. Well ladies, if you want that gorgeous hair, it comes with a tiny price: watching what you eat! Having a balanced diet will help you get all the nourishment your hair needs. Remember to add a lot of fresh fruit, eggs, fresh vegetables, sesame seeds, curd/yogurt, whole grains, almonds, avocados and fresh meats and fish to your diet. Also, please have your essential supplements, like vitamin E, vitamin C, B-vitamins, zinc, biotin and essential fatty acids such as omega-3-fatty acids, omega-6-fatty acids and omega-9-fatty acids that are extremely necessary for healthy hair.

4. Take a chill pill

Yes moms, you have to learn to chill. Stress is very bad for your hair and will make it fall faster. Research actually shows that stress is one of the chief reasons for hair fall, whether you’re pregnant or not. So relax as much as much as you can, try some meditation and yoga to alleviate the stress that comes with becoming a mum. Never say no to that massage, for your hair or body, as a massage can help ease your nerves and relax you. Yes, stress is natural, but you can manage it…we know you can. So sit back and relax, you owe it to yourself and your hair.

5. Stop with the excessive shampooing and teasing

Your hair is going to go from normal, to extra healthy, to massive hair fall stage and then finally back to normal. Remember your hair needs all the essential oils, so please put down that shampoo bottle. Do not shampoo your hair more than 3 times a week as it does more damage than good to your hair. It strips your hair from the essential oils it naturally has and needs, which will aid in breakage of your hair. Also don’t tease your hair too much and style it more than required, wait till your hair goes back to normal 6 months post your delivery and even then, keep it to a minimum, as it isn’t good for your hair in general.

6. Fenugreek, curd and oil are your best friends

Fenugreek, curd, and oils like almond, olive, castor, argan and coconut can do wonders to your hair. They have natural moisturizing and nourishing properties that make your hair, smooth, healthy, shiny and even dandruff free. They are all easily available in the market and act like amazing hair remedial agents. So do try them out! Fenugreek seeds keep your hair healthy and helps in treating dandruff, while curd helps you in assisting excessive hair fall. Curd is one of the best conditioners your hair can have and just simply applying curd to your hair can prevent hair fall. And we’re sure you all know that champi is something our mums rave about since day one! So go give it a try and you’ll thank us!

7. Ouch! Be gentle with your hair

Handle your hair with care. Don’t pull and tug at it. It will cause breakage. Try a wide tooth comb to stop pulling out your hair every time you comb it. Brush your hair twice a day, not more. Over brushing your hair makes it weaker and more prone to damage. You should also maybe invest in a good hairbrush as cheap ones can damage your hair and cause split ends. Also, remember never to comb or brush your hair when it is wet, as it is at its weakest at this point than when dry and will result in damage and hair loss.

8. Don’t chop but trim

Don’t let pregnancy get in the way of your favourite hairstyles. Your hair is definitely going to have tons of changes, but instead of getting frustrated or chopping it off entirely, go for a nice trim. Regular trims are great for your hair. They keep your hair healthy, allowing you hair to grow better while getting rid of split ends. Trims actually make your hair grow faster contrary to common belief. So mommies, a trim is good for your gorgeous hair.

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