Having a child is one of the most life-changing experiences couples go through together. It brings with it a lot of happiness and a whole new set of responsibilities, so it is a safe bet that you can wave goodbye to your old routine. This applies more to women than to men, as the women are the one’s carrying the child during the pregnancy and they will require time to heal after the pregnancy. A child also affects different aspects of the mom and in a way, the dad’s life after he or she is born. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get back into your routine after you give birth. You won’t be able to get a lot of your life back on track, but a few things that you can revive are

1. Work

For most women the advised time period to rest before getting back to work is 6 months. But, a lot of women feel fit enough to go back to work even before that. Women who have a lot of support at home and have less demanding jobs where they enjoy working tend to get back to work faster than moms who do a lot of the work alone at home and have unsatisfactory, demanding jobs. Women who are considering going back to work a couple of months after giving birth should take into account a couple things, such as how physically demanding their jobs, how many hours will you have to work, and how flexible is your job.

2. Exercise

This is dependant on how fit you were before and during the pregnancy. If you were someone who did some exercise until the end of your pregnancy and the childbirth process went well, then you should be okay with doing some light exercise and stretches right after giving birth. You should consider taking up exercising after a few more months if you didn’t exercise regularly before or during pregnancy, if you had an assisted birth, if you experienced any complications in labour, if you had a caesarean and if you are having problems with leaking urine. Though not considered exercise, you could have your baby outside for a walk in their pram. Going out will also lift your mood and provide some form of exercise. Remember not to strain yourself, and if you feel tired, stop doing that activity or reduce the intensity.

3. Socializing

Most people tend to go back to their friend circles immediately after birth, but that type of interaction is different. If you were the partying type of couple before birth, you probably won’t be able to partake in that kind of entertainment for at least a couple of years. However, if you used to indulge in book clubs or tea parties, you can go back to those once you are fit.
At the end of the day, more than the medical aspect, it is all about how you as a mom feel about doing things. If you feel alright, with the green signal of a doctor, you can go back to having a somewhat similar routine to what you had before your pregnancy.

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