Being a pregnant woman is challenging. Things get even worse in the modern world. There is a lot of pressure, both physically and mentally. With the fluctuations in the level of hormones that control emotions, a pregnant woman might just resemble an adolescent. There are mood swings that she needs to deal with, physical pain she needs to bear and other things that will prove difficult to deal with.

The maximum her partner can do is stay with her throughout this period. Why?   

Here are 7 reasons as to why her husband should stay by her side more often than usual during her pregnancy.     

1. She needs a friend for emotional support 

Pregnancy is a time when the hormonal levels go crazy. This brings about a lot of mood swings. She’s sweet one moment and the next, she might be furious because you just left the pair of socks on the floor. Her partner should understand that it’s natural to behave that way. All he can do is be with her, and listen to her when needed. Talking solves half the problems in the world and this is no different. Taking time to talk to her even about small things is more than enough to boost her mood and keep her happy for the day.

2. As an important physical support

Pregnancy is the period when the body experiences a lot of pain and pressure. Massages can help ease stress and relieve pain. It is very important for the partner to not let her do much physical work. Zero physical work is also bad for the body, but heavy physical work will only do harm. Her partner can do the normal chores she does, like cooking, cleaning, etc. At times, certain cooking smells make her sick and it would be nice if husbands understood this and work around the kitchen accordingly. Doing these small, but significant chores for her will help her.

3. She needs someone to count on

Both emotionally and physically, she needs someone to look up to. To ask for advice, to make important decisions, to go to the doctor with, to talk to and share her anxiety – for all of this, she needs someone to count on. Having a child changes her life forever. Right from the first day of her pregnancy, her life is preoccupied with her child. To step in the shoes of motherhood, she needs someone to count on and be there with her when needed.

4. For a healthy pregnancy

A healthy pregnancy is very essential. The health of the mother and the child is the first concern in any pregnancy. For a healthy body, special care has to be taken by the family and most importantly by her partner. She needs attention in all ways. All her needs should be taken care of and she should eat healthy. It is also recommended that husbands take their wives to the doctor at least once in a month.

5. For a healthy baby

The health of the baby depends on the health of the mother. The mother, at her time of pregnancy, should not face any problem related to her health and that has to be ensured by her partner. It is necessary to take care of her all the time and make sure that she receives the best healthcare possible. Her partner should take care of her necessities and be with her (at times more often than usual). This will ensure good health of the baby.

6. 9 months is no joke!

Having a human in the belly for 9 months is definitely no joke. To cope with all the changes and go through all the mood swings is a very difficult job and the least her partner can do is support her and be with her through the tough time. Talking to her, doing small chores for her and taking care of her needs are a few things her partner can do.  

7. Because it’s their baby, not hers alone!

The most important reason as to why a pregnant woman’s partner should stay with her during the period of her pregnancy is because it is their baby and not hers alone. Just because she’s bearing their child doesn’t make her bear all the consequences of being pregnant all alone. Her partner is an equal part of her pregnancy and he should be supportive of it.

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