As you grow older, you will notice that your skin is also catching up with your age. It just isn’t the same anymore. No more soft, supple, radiant and glowing skin. You’ve started to notice your skin has become duller and drier, with fine lines and dark spots. Ladies, these are signs of skin ageing that you shouldn’t ignore. Your skin needs a little more attention to glow like it did before and it is best to start working on it as early as possible.

Fundamentally your skin is a fiber meshwork of collagen and elastin. These are proteins that keep your skin firm, and when your skin is stretched, this protein matrix snaps it back into place. However, as you age, this fiber network weakens, and the skin droops as it loses its firm support structure. It becomes thinner and loses its fat that used to give it that supple feel.

Want to know a little more about these signs of skin ageing and how to prevent it? Read on.

1. Dullness

Dullness and dryness go hand in hand. When your skin is dry it becomes duller and loses its beautiful glow. You will also notice that your skin will start to flake, chap and feel tight. As you age, your cell-turnover rate slows down and the upper layer of your skin becomes dull. Now, how do you fix this? Simply exfoliate to get rid dry, flaky and dull skin. If you have sensitive skin, check with your dermatologist or try exfoliating just once a week. Along with exfoliation you must moisturize your ageing skin to get back your soft and supple skin. Talk to your dermatologist for products that best suit your skin type.

2. Dark spots

Dark spots that surface on your skin are a result of damage due to the sun’s UV rays. These UV-damaged cells eventually reach your skin’s surface in the form of freckles or hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Dark spots could be caused by sun damage, inflammation, skin injuries or even acne. So ladies, pick up that sunscreen bottle and put its magic to good use. Use a variant that suits your skin and blocks both UVA and UVB rays with SPF15 at least. It is important never to skip using your sunscreen when you step out of your house if you want to avoid and reduce the dark spots.

3. Fine lines and wrinkles

All of us would have heard of this one! They are among of the most common and visible signs of ageing. This is due to the loss of collagen in your skin, which in turn reduces the elasticity and skin volume, causing fine lines and wrinkles to show up. Fine lines and wrinkles are the most natural, unavoidable part of ageing, but don’t be fooled, as young people can also get wrinkles way before their time due to excessive damage from the sun or by smoking. The first step is to change your products is to stop relying on powders as they absorb oil and moisture. Switch to a cream foundation or tinted moisturizer. Some simple ways to reduce this effect of ageing is by getting adequate sleep, dropping that cigarette, eating more fish oils, moisturizing regularly, and sticking to sunscreen always. Remember that what you eat will always affect your skin, and healthy habits mean healthy skin.

4. Drooping

As you age, the firmness of your skin reduces and your skin starts to look loose and make you look perpetually dull. Your skin gets its firm, plump and supple look from collagen and elastin, which provides structure to your face. Once the production of these compounds begins to slow in your late 20s, your skin begins to look less firm, especially around the jaw and cheeks. To pump the collagen and elastin back into your skin, look for ingredients like niacinamide and peptides when you buy your skin products as they are antioxidants that help strengthen the skin by keeping it firm and supple. 

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