No one really trusts dads when it comes to getting the kids ready. It’s only when the mom is sick or out of town, does it fall on the father to take care of this, mostly out of necessity. Let’s face it, even though dads try their best to be useful, they rarely end up being so.

But it is in between these adorable attempts to be useful and majorly messing up that they sometimes work wonders.

A wise man once said, “Always choose a lazy man to do a difficult job, because he will find an easy way to do it.’’, and this dad here is the perfect testament to this saying.

Originally posted on Youtube, the video shows the dad tying his daughter’s ponytail in under 5 seconds.

How does he do it? Using a vacuum cleaner, of course.

We’re sure you’re wondering right now as to why you didn’t think of it yourself, right?

Well, whether you will ever use this technique yourself is another question in itself, but one thing is for sure, this hack is something that dads will appreciate much more than moms.

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