Barring certain medical conditions, it is largely possible for pregnant women to have natural, normal child-birthing experiences. Some medical conditions make it inevitable to have a C-section for the benefit of the mother and the baby. The main reasons for women opting for a caesarean delivery is because: 

1. The fear of labor tops the list for women who cannot bear the pain that comes with pregnancy. The difficult stories and experiences of women who have had vaginal deliveries make women scared of vaginal delivery.

2. Some women find scheduling a delivery more convenient than waiting for the labor pain to kick in. 

3. Protection of pelvic floor muscles.

4. The belief that a C-section will minimize the pains and complications like tearing, incontinence and sexual dysfunction.

5. The fear of not having control over the experience

However, normal deliveries have their own advantages. Women’s bodies are designed in such a way that it can undergo the process of normal delivery. In the wake of prevalent C-sections, many women have forgotten that a natural delivery paves the way for quick healing and faster recovery, and is actually beneficial for the mother. Normal delivery is also shorter and enables a woman to connect more closely to the childbirth experience. Breastfeeding is also facilitated after a normal delivery experience as both the mother and the baby are fully aware and alert. Epidurals can be passed on to the baby, and he/she may appear to be drugged, showing less or no interest in breastfeeding. Above all, normal deliveries are healthier, not just for a mother, but even for the babies.

Here are a few tips for to help you have a normal delivery.

  • Prenatal Education

Educate yourself well about the process of delivery and labor. Get information on natural pain management techniques like breathing, self-hypnosis, relaxation and other natural labor management coping techniques. You can ask your doctor to tell you more about delivery or can join prenatal classes to enhance your knowledge about the phenomenon of giving birth. Prenatal classes that cover labor pain management techniques, which would be particularly helpful. You can also research online, read good books and have a confident mind. Such knowledge will help you shed all your apprehensions and fears about childbirth and you can have a safe and easy delivery with a clear mindset.

  • Nutritious Diet

Diet obviously can change your birthing method from caesarean to normal delivery. A healthier mother is capable of giving birth naturally, more comfortably and without any complications. Of course nutritious and healthy food is required for proper growth and development of the baby. So, eat properly and correctly. Drink a lot of water, as this will keep you and your baby stay hydrated, and include green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet, as this will provide your baby with the basic nutrients. You must keep a tab on your weight as well, as too much weight gain can interfere with your chances of having a normal delivery.

  • Regular Exercise

Exercises not only help strengthen the pelvic muscle and all the muscles of the body, but also help in keeping one active during this time. It makes your pelvic and thigh muscles strong enough to resist labor pains. It provides you with the stamina required at the time of delivery. One can go for lower body exercises. However, the exercises should be done under the supervision of experts only, as it is not safe for the baby and the mother.

  • Avoid Stress

Stay away from stress, anxiety and too much contemplation. Your current phase requires you to stay cool and composed. There are times when avoiding stress is quite difficult. Still, try to be calm. Read good books about parenting and be in the company of good, friendly people. Avoid situations and people that make you anxious or cause you any discomfort. Stress at such times can affect the baby as well as the mother.

  • Breathing Techniques

Breathing exercises are very important as during the process of delivery, you need to hold your breath from time to time. Proper and sufficient oxygen supply is required for enhancing the growth of the baby. Breathing also helps control stress and maintains the energy levels in one’s body. So, practice meditation and deep breathing exercises regularly.

  • Go To Trusted Doctors Who Believe In Natural Birth

Consult a good obstetrician and get your check-ups done regularly and routinely. Seek out someone who is into natural birth and avoid those whose C-section or epidural cases are higher. If you are not satisfied with your doctor, do not hesitate to find another cooperative doctor. Remember, a good doctor can boost your morale and help you get rid of all your delivery fears.

  • Prenatal Spas

Massage therapy during pregnancy is a wonderful, complementary choice for prenatal care. It is a healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness. Massage relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and edema (or swelling). In addition, a massage for a pregnant woman reduces stress on weight-bearing joints, encourages blood and lymph circulation, helps to relax nervous tension to aid in better sleep, and can help relieve depression or anxiety caused by hormonal changes. This leads to normal delivery of the baby.

  • Good Sleep

Pregnant women must get 8-10 hours of undisturbed sleep. Sleep cures most of your health issues. A sound sleep is important to provide the mother as well as the baby with proper growth. It helps get rid of tiredness and fatigue. Avoid any intake of caffeine or caffeinated drinks.

  • DO NOT Listen To Horror Stories!

This is the main reason as to why most mothers prefer having cesarean sections. They hear stories of painful deliveries and they think that the same might happen to them. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid hearing such horror stories.

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