As a first time mum, there might be certain thoughts that are floating around in your mind that you can never tell someone. Those that are confusing, crazy and kind of scary. But hey! You aren’t alone.

These 5 revelations made by first-time mothers are common. It might surprise you as well.

1. Expectation: 

You’ll think your baby is cute.


You’ll want to eat your baby.

It isn’t a matter of cannibalism, it’s just that you find your child too precious. Time will eventually be in your favour as you might nibble their belly to make them laugh or rub their neck to tickle them. Seeing them happy and smiling is like food to you. Therefore, your babies have been referred to as food. You may even have people seeing your baby and asking “May I hold those round muffins”, with muffins meaning your child’s cheeks.

2. Expectation:

It’s just Diapers. No big deal.


Diapers are your worst nightmare.

You’ll think a diaper would be enough after a shower, but no. It’s actually 12 times the job. Keep adding extra diapers per day and that’s a ton of work. You will get tired of the mundane task that eats up your energy even more than cooking or washing. Oh, and think of a time you accidently drop a clean diaper on the floor of a public bathroom as your soul cries for salvation.

You are also worried about the side effects of diapers, hence it’s a task to choose the right brand.

3. Expectation:

You will do all sorts of research to keep your baby’s well-being properly managed. Things are finally in place.


You can never be ready to manage your baby.

You carry her in your arms and imagine falling off the stairs, stumbling into a fireplace or some other horrific scenario. You are always worried about his/her safety and are extra cautious when your child is a metre away from you. Everything that might otherwise be normal is a weapon against your baby and every human being is suddenly unsafe (at least for your child). You might be overflowing with anxiety and want to keep a distance from onlookers.

Then you might bump her head on the door and think, “OMG! I’VE DAMAGED MY CHILD’S BRAIN!”. You only calm down when you call up your pediatrician and let them know how monstrous you are and they tell you that your baby is going to be fine.  

4. Expectation:

You have a supportive husband and a loving family.


Why are they even in my life?

You don’t trust any of your family members when it comes to your child’s care. No matter how much your husband does for your child, he’s always wrong. Because THEY DO NOT KNOW YOUR BABY! You will at times hate them all and would want to get away from home to somewhere safe – just you and your child. Eventually, you will chill and appreciate their efforts in taking care of the child and it would be nice to shower at some point before his/her 1st birthday.

5. Expectation:

You’ll be the best mum.


Every single thing you do is wrong.

You think you are the worst at breastfeeding, bottle feeding, diaper changing, swaddling and what not. You dream of being the best mother. You at least pray your child won’t remember your mistakes. It might have been the 8th time you spilt milk all over the floor, but you’ll get over it. You’ll feel good that you’d be prepared to parent more babies.

So now you know, you aren’t the only one making mistakes. What’s your confession about being a first-time mum?

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