YouTube is a video-sharing website that has gained a lot of popularity in the past 10 years. Though most of the content found on YouTube is for an older audience, many channels have come up with some that are just for babies. These channels are educational in nature, while also being very entertaining for kids.

Here are 5 top YouTube channels that you can introduce to your kids.

1. Busy Beavers

This channel has multiple videos about topics like colors, alphabets, and numbers. The graphics are large and the narrator is usually very animated, making it fun for kids to watch. They have 2 million subscribers and kids love their videos. Let this channel keep your kiddo entertained while you can get some work done.

Watch their videos here.


2. KidsTV123

This is one of the first YouTube channels for kids. The videos all have catchy music and the person who sings the songs on the channel has a very soothing and calming voice. Their content is educational with very animated graphics that will surely keep your baby entertained. If you have hyper kids, then this is a good channel to expose your child to.

Watch their videos here.

3. The Learning Station

This kid’s channel has a collection of videos about alphabets, phonetics, and colors. Their music is quite upbeat, so make sure to keep your camera ready because your child is bound to shake a leg. This is the perfect channel for kids who are very active and need a way to spend some of their energy.

Watch their videos here.

4. ChuChuTV

This is the 3rd most subscribed YouTube channel in India. It has more than 9 million subscribers and their content proves why. They have multiple nursery rhymes with adorable animation, making this channel favorite among toddlers. They make their own spin on a lot of nursery rhymes and also have remixes of rhymes.

Watch their videos here.

5. Jugnu Kids

This channel makes cute videos for preschool kids and it even has Hindi content. It ahs has educational videos that teach alphabets, numbers and the like. They also have nursery rhymes and other poems in both Hindi and English. They even have their own page, but you can watch all of their videos on YouTube.

Watch their videos here.

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