The brand Libero has its heritage in Sweden and was established about thirty years ago. Libero diapers come in different sizes and types, including both open and pant diapers. They also offer baby care products ranging from baby wipes and baby soap to baby oil. They work with the development of new, sustainable products, which are always tested rigorously to ensure the best quality. Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget, SCA, is the company behind the Libero brand. It holds a strong position when it comes to baby diapers and baby care products, and globally, it is the fourth biggest company in this category.

Libero in India has a wide assortment of products, which consist of regular open diapers, pant diapers as well as baby care products like baby wipes, baby lotion, baby oil, baby wash, baby powder and baby bar soap. Their baby care products are proudly developed and produced under supervision of SCA Hygiene Products India.

They have a wide range of products for babies that include diapers, toiletries and other products. Their diapers even come in sizes for all babies.

1. Open diapers

These are dry, light and thin with naturally soft materials and skin-friendly natural ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E, chamomile and olive oil. It provides your baby with the perfect fit. The soft elastic material fits perfectly and also gives the freedom of movement. It gives leakage protection and long-lasting dryness. The super absorbent layer absorbs and locks the liquid so that your child stays dry for a long time, and the material is skin-friendly, keeping the skin healthy and providing comfort.

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2. Pants

They safeguard your baby’s healthy and sensitive skin, and help maintain high leakage protection. The soft elastic material fits your baby’s body perfectly and offers the freedom of movement. It is easy to take off by just tearing apart. It is skin-friendly and has natural ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E, chamomile and olive oil. In addition to this, it is airy, light and thin with naturally soft materials.

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3. Dry nights 

A feature-rich diaper specially designed for overnight use, allowing your baby peaceful sleep all night long. It has an optimum absorption core, which is designed to effectively absorb and distribute urine for up to 12 hours of long-lasting dryness, giving your baby 12 hours of peaceful sleep. It also has a flexi waist band, which is optimally stretchable and the easy-to-fasten waist band ensures better fit and multiple refastening opportunities. It is armed with side barriers to ensure protection against leaks.

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Toiletries include soaps, powder, oil, lotion, and body wash, specially designed for babies, are also available under the brand. The products are made to protect your child’s skin. The body lotion is enriched with vitamin E and aloe vera, and is free of parabens. The baby wash is enriched with olive oil. It gently cleanses your baby’s sensitive skin and hair, contains aloe vera.

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Other products

They also have other products like baby wet wipes, which are enriched with olive oil and are free from colouring and alcohol. These are made using skin-friendly natural ingredients and contain moisturizing ingredients.

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