A girl is always imagined in a frock. She can take on multiple personalities with a single frock. She can be cute, stylish, pretty, beautiful, and doll-like. Your baby girl is your princess, your own miracle, she’s a tiny boss who will one day rule the world. But as of today, she’s going to be your naughty toddler who will give you joy and happiness just by being herself and playing around.

The best part about a daughter is that you can dress her up. So, here are a few frocks to match her vibrant personalities.

1. For the dancer in her

Does your baby girl dance her way around the house? Does she dance when she has to entertain her relatives? Give her a frock she deserves. This dancer sleeveless frock with one shoulder strap embellished with a stunning flowers and matching flowers on the neckline sounds more fitting for her personality. Buy it here.

Tip: You don’t have to accessories it much, as the dress speaks for itself. Her normal shoes and a beaded black bracelet will do just fine.

2. Pretty in florals  

You can never go wrong with flowers. If you think a girl looks prettiest in flowers, you cannot miss out on this. This cute frock is sleeveless and has pretty pink flowers on white. It has a pink waistband to match the flowers and is guaranteed to be her favorite. Buy it here.

Tip: Minimalistic works best for this. Pull her hair back with a hairband or a bow.

3. For your little rosy

Your baby girl deserves to be pretty everyday. This casual pink and blue dress can be worn when she’s just lying down playing with her toys and lost in her own toy world. She will love it as it is made of cotton. It is a knee long frock that suit your little princess really well, and is sure to be light and cosy on her. Buy it here.

Tip: As this is a casual dress, her toys will be her accessories. As for her hair, pull it can be held back in classic pigtails.

4. White for her innocence 

This pure white dress can be worn on any special occasion. This frock is made from soft premium quality net, cotton and layers of satin, which ensure full comfort for all day long. The multiple layers give it a voluminous look and will flare like the dress of a princess. There’s a zip closure and a net sash tie for fuss free, easy dressing. Buy it here.

Tip : Let her wild hair speak! Leave her hair open and let her run around the house being herself.

5. For a fashionista

This denim tutu net embroidered with flowers and pearls makes this frock a perfect fit for the stylist in her. Let your baby girl bask in the sun with this trendy denim shirt with a pink tutu at the bottom. It is made of cotton and is completely stretchable. It is perfect for summer as it is sleeveless and she can run around feeling no discomfort. Buy it here.

Tip: A versatile dress like this can be worn anyway. This is a dress you can tell her to accessories herself. It will make her confident and tremendously boost her self-esteem.

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