These thoughts are common among pregnant women. The human instinct to wonder about the situations after pregnancy are due to curiosity. These thoughts are sure to have run through your mind at one point or the other. During pregnancy, most women tend to laze around, wondering about the uncertainties of their deliveries, whiling away time talking to their unborn babies. This helps soothe your baby to a light slumber inside the tummy.

These are a few thoughts that you can’t deny went through your before delivery.

1. Will it be a Boy or a Girl?

At some point or the other, you as a mother would have wished for a particular gender. Having a preference of gender over the other is quite common among women. This thought has probably stopped you from enjoying the free will to shop for a certain kind of wardrobe or painting your child’s nursery. Though, it will all be worth it and shopping for your newborn will be more fun when you have your baby in your arms.

2. I pray my baby has my eyes

Any genetic beauty that you or your husband has, it is inevitable for you to wish for your baby to inherit these genes. Be it luscious hair, good height or beautiful eyes/eye colour, it is a given that  thoughts regarding your unborn baby’s features cross every mother’s mind.  

3. I wish my delivery goes easy

You fear the day when reality hits you with acute labour pain, and always wished through your nine months that you do not have to undergo any sort of pain. To be honest, the pictorial representation of delivery in serials is a myth. Do not go by the amount of screaming that is projected.

4. I wish nothing comes in my way of having a normal delivery

C-sections somehow instill a fear the minds of women. Normal delivery is what most women opt for. Either way, you will have the joy of holding your baby in a few moments. 

5. I wish my torso never goes back to being ordinary

During pregnancy, it is common for women to experience a growth in their breast size. Women with small sizes enjoy the feeling of a fuller torso. Unfortunately, in the case of pregnancy, ‘what goes up has to come down’. Use good bras that can help keep the shape of your breasts intact.

6. I wish my husband could hold my hand during delivery

Most hospitals do not allow any other member to enter the operation theatre. However, for a mother, the thought of having to go through the entire process all alone is scary. Most women wish that they could have their husbands hold their hands through delivery. If you insist on having him around, you can check with the hospital prior to admitting yourself. 


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