Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, every year. It is celebrated to commemorate the efforts Mothers put in throughout the year to make lives around them simpler. Every Mother’s Day tends to go unnoticed by most children, when in fact, it should be the most awaited celebration of the year. The least you mother deserves is to be pampered on this day.Knowing mothers, they are the simplest to please, and even it she wasn’t easy to please, it should never be a burden to treat her or do something special for her. Every year, leading brands come up with the best advertisements every year to remind us of the importance of Mother’s Day. Yet, the closer it gets, the likelihood of forgetting becomes a sad reality.Brands such as Prega News, Good Day and Cello have been leading in advertising awareness about this special day. The idea of using the day as a means to advertise their brand is in itself a brilliant scheme.These are a few videos with a beautiful story line that have been trending.

This video, sponsored by Prega News, shines the light on the importance of work ethics in an office to encourage women to work while pregnant. Offices should take care of their employees, especially during pregnancy, just to help make the tedious process a little easier.

The above video, sponsored by ZaAmor, concentrates on eliminating a cap on the age limit to wish your mother. You can never be too old to celebrate Mother’s Day. Your appreciation for the day should grow as you get older. This video is a very beautiful representation of the limitless age to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Good Day came up with this advertisement to acknowledge the importance of mothers. especially when you live away from them. The things we take for granted are the most cherished of them all. This simple advertisement brings out the essence of Mother’s Day for what it truly is. Mother’s slog to give you the best, the least you can do is make her day special.

 This short video by Tanishq says it all. No matter how old you grow you are, you will always be her little baby. She is always going to be worried about your whereabouts. Unlike in the video, it is not necessary for you to give her something as expensive as a Tanishq, but just wishing her with a tight hug and a tiny peck on the cheek will do the trick.

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