A good bra is like trying to find a good friend – hard to find one you’re comfortable with, always provides support, holds you tight and is always close to your heart.

First, let’s educate us with a little history about how these cups of joy came into our lives. The word ‘Bra’ comes from a word called “brassiere” and Herminie Cadolle from France is the genius who invented the first modern bra. It appeared in a corset catalogue as a two-piece undergarment, which she originally called the ‘corselet gorge’. There are different types of bras: a stick-on bra, a bandeau bra, a corset, a convertible bra, a full support bra, a maternity bra, a padded bra, a push-up bra, a sports bra and much more.  

An outfit’s charm is lost if you are not wearing a good bra. So, we are here we to give you 5 brands that will support your girls and be a stable foundation for the start of a good day.

1. Daisy Dee

A benefit about a padded bra that no one talks about is that it is a great sweat absorber. This padded bra from Daisy Dee is perfect for any outfit. It will support your breasts well and gives them a little volume. They even have an attractive floral pattern on them. Padded bras differ from push-up bras, as these just add volume to breasts, but do not lift them up.

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2. Zivame

Underwire bras give your bosom a solid structure. After giving birth, we know that a mother’s breasts tend to change their size and shape. So, give them great shape with these great bras. It is a myth that underwire bras are uncomfortable. In fact, a good underwire bra can give you support like no other bra and is not at all uncomfortable. This bra comes in a pretty print and is very affordable.

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3. Triumph 

This bra from Triumph has a variety of colours, patterns and sizes that will excite anyone. It can be worn with any outfit and will support your breasts like a dream. The straps here are totally detachable, so you can change to clear ones when you need to show off your beautiful shoulders. It is also very easy to wash this delicate piece of clothing.

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4. Pretty Secrets

“A push-up bra works like a bag of chips – you open it and it’s half empty”. This is true. Pretty secrets have a good collection of bras in solid colours and others with attractive patterns. These bras use foam or gel to lift the breasts, so as to make them look bigger without adding volume. They are mostly for women with subtle or small breasts.

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5. Enamor

A non-wired bra creates a perfect square with the straps and is usually preferred for low cut tops and dresses. Women with large or small breasts, with cups of all sizes, can wear these. These bras from Enamor come in cotton, satin and polyester. They can be worn under any outfit and provide a seamless feel.

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