Quoting Aristotle, “Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human. Society is something that precedes the individual”. 

Relationships are very important for an individual to survive in the world. Healthy relationships are a vital component of our well-being. There is compelling evidence that strong relationships contribute to a long, stable, and happy life. However, when you become a mother, there might be a few things that you may put in the background.

Read on to see if some of these seem familiar to you.

1. Intimate relationship

Intimate relationships are the first to be ignored when you become a mother. Let’s face it, you cannot think about romance when you’ve to change your child’s diaper, or when you have to clean up your baby’s spills, right? Also, being a mother is a full time job. It will take up all of your free time and in this job, you don’t get to take any days off. You become their world and they become yours. They will always be your first priority.

2. Emotional relationship

You tend to emotionally disconnect with your husband when you become a mother. It is not a bad thing and not entirely your fault. Sometimes, mothers experience the baby blues or postpartum depression. It is a type of clinical depression, which can affect parents, especially mothers, after childbirth. It is a normal phenomenon and is treatable. The symptoms may include sadness, low energy, reduced desire for sex, episodes of crying, irritability and anxiety.

3. Professional relationship

Your relationship with your co-workers and colleagues tend to hang by a thread. This is because, after being a mother, you will no longer have or find the time to go out with your colleagues. No more outings or night outs. And even if you do, all you can think about is how your little doll is holding up, if they ate food on time and if someone is soothing them if they are crying. So, there’s basically no point, as you cannot stand being away from your child.

4. Possessiveness

It is common for a lot of mothers to get excessively possessive about their little prince/princess. It may hurt people’s feelings when you shun people from touching your baby. Though this is common, and while you may have your reasons for it, it is not socially accepted and expected from mothers. You cannot keep your extended family away from your child, especially their grandparents, as they too want to show their affection for your child.

5. Social relationship

When you are a mother, and if you live in a colony or apartment, you may stop attending any events and social gatherings your colony or apartment friends may have. You will suddenly find yourself isolating yourself from all the social activities that you once perceived as important. This is common when you are a new mom, but it would not do you harm to try coming out of this phase.  

Though all these relationships and feelings may be hard to handle at first, you will surely get over them. Although, try not to cut out from people, especially your husband, as you will find his presence by your side at this time very consoling.

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