The luxury of carrying a fancy clutch or handbag ends the moment you become a mother. Flaunting a pink floral bag is one of your lucky days. Diaper bags are usually huge and cumbersome to carry around everywhere. Instead of loading your bag with all the possibilities of needs your child might have, we have a list of must-haves that can lighten the load.

Other than the obvious diaper, these essentials for your baby can help ease the stress of carrying your entire household around.

1. Bottle of milk

Feeding in public can be embarrassing for some mothers. Carry a bottle of milk (breast milk or formula) for convenience. This saves you time and you won’t have to look for a place to nurse your child.

2. Baby wipes

A pack or two of baby wipes is an essential that will prevent you from having to use public toilets. These wipes usually have germ-killing elements in them and are gentle on your baby’s skin.

3. Plastic bags

While traveling or away from home, it is always advisable for you to carry a pack of plastic/paper bags that you can use to dispose of dirty diapers. Paper bags are more preferable as they are environment-friendly.

4. Extra clothes

Always keep an extra pair of onesies as a backup to prevent an embarrassing smelly situation. You can never predict any situation with your baby.

5. Disposable sheets

These waterproof sheets come in handy more often than you can imagine. While you are outside your comfort zone, it is best to carry a couple of disposable sheets that will prevent soiling the area. This not only makes changing on the couch efficient, but it also reduces the mess.

6. Hand sanitizer

Make sure you have a bottle of hand sanitizer in your diaper bag to prevent bad odour.

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