A name is a word by which a person or thing is known, addressed, or referred to. It is someone’s identity, their call, their individuality. We understand how stressful it can be to name your baby. After all, this will be your child’s first permanent gift. There are so many Indians who name their child after their ancestors, but if you are among the few who want to give a child a new name, we present to you 10 baby names that are unique and are considered edgy today.

Take a look at this list and find your little prince or princess a unique name.


Meaning: First ray of the winter sun


Meaning: Belief

Girl – Charvi

Meaning: Beautiful girl or woman


Meaning: Sound


Meaning: One who praises


Meaning: Flower


Meaning: Independent, resourceful and practical

Girl Tara

Meaning: Star

Boy Veer

Meaning: Brave


Meaning: Sky

No matter what you name your baby, they’ll always be precious and unique individuals. So, it is not necessary to stress on giving them a popular name. The list above is only the beginning in terms of ideas for names for soon-to-be mothers. However, we suggest you give your child a name that comes right from your heart. 

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