Everyone has to deal with stretch marks. Even though they are completely natural, they end up being a source of insecurity for most women, as they think these marks make them unattractive or undesirable in the eyes of their partners.

Now, we know what women think about them, but the important question is: What do men think about them?

So, we got around to asking men what they think about their partner’s stretch marks and what we heard surprised us.

1. Personality is more important

“Stretch marks don’t bother me. The better the personality, the less visible they are to me.”

2. It makes them real

“My wife has stretch marks on her butt and to some guys, they might be a turnoff. To me, it feels as if she’s so perfect that her imperfection is perfect. She’s real, not a fake.”

3. She’s a tigress

“My wife is sad about her stretch marks from our daughter. I love them! I think they’re tiger stripes that she’s earned.”    

4. She’s still beautiful

“We have two kids. Her stomach is full of stretch marks. I tell her she is still beautiful and I don’t care. The truth is, she is still beautiful and I don’t care.”

5. She’ll always be beautiful to me

“My wife has gained weight and has stretch marks from pregnancy. I wish she could see how beautiful she is still to me. That body carried my children. I find her more beautiful now than ever before.”

6. It’s her most amazing feature

“My wife’s stretch marks are because of our beautiful children. And I think it’s the most amazing feature she has.”

7. I fell in love with her personality, not her body

“My wife has stretch marks, but I don’t care. She’s working so hard to remove them when in reality, I fell in love with her personality, not her body.”

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