Shopping with your kids is terrific. Your kids want to shop for toys, clothes, cars, books, stationery and a million other items. Once you enter the mall, it is difficult to keep your little ones away from all the merchandise that are so cleverly designed to attract little customers. Parents tend to give in most of the times, thinking that an item or two extra in the trolley wouldn’t really hurt. But be careful. You don’t want your kids to become shopaholics.

Here’s how to teach your kids to be patient shoppers.

1. Let kids manage their own money

It is very important for kids to understand the value of money and the need to manage it intelligently. Giving them a specific amount or budget when you go shopping can be very helpful.

Encouraging kids to buy things within a budget will not only help them learn how to shop intelligently and differentiate between their needs and wants.

2. Plan with your kids

Before going to the shop with your kids, plan and pen down a list of items that you need to bring home. Whether it is grocery or clothes, a list always helps. You can always use the internet to get an estimate of prices and compare the best available deals. Using the internet will also help your kids stay one step ahead in terms of technology.

If you are going to buy school clothes with them, identify your budget and talk about your choices of stores. If you just drag them from store to store, whether you’ve planned well or not, the experience will lack any educational experience.

3. Establish a budget and shop together

Establishing a budget before you go on your shopping spree is of utmost importance. Your kids need to know that there is a certain limit up till which they can shop and beyond that should be a strict no-no. Establishing a budget also ensures that your kids do not get side-tracked by fancy items and clothes. It is necessary to stick to the original plan.

4. Shopping for the start of school term

The best time to teach your kids how to shop smartly would be around the time when schools are re-opening for the new term. This is when your kids need new merchandise. Books, uniforms, stationery, bags, raincoats, shoes…it is a complete package. You can either go with your kids to different places to shop for different items or go to a one-stop-shop to save your time. It is suggested that parents try out both options at least once with their kids to teach them the pros and cons of both the ways.

Happy shopping, parents!

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