Your bundle of joy is on the way and you couldn’t be more excited! You know there’s a truckload of stuff to buy and work to do. And it’s difficult to think about getting it all done while you have a teeny tiny human growing inside you, so we decided to do the work for you.

Here are 5 things you’ll definitely need to either buy or change before you welcome your baby home.

Fresh laundry? Check! Clean room? Check! Clean air? NO!

You are not going to believe this but, the air inside your house is filthy! It is a scientifically proven fact that pollution inside your house is far greater than pollution outside. A baby is yet to form resistance to most bacteria, which enter their body easily! The signs of this bacteria in your baby’s body takes a while to show. You HAVE to fight against polluted air. What every house with a child needs is a good air purifier. We recommend Dr. Aeroguard air purifiers, as they have 9 stage purification process and Active shield 2X that can clean the indoor air with an efficiency rate of 99.9%.

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Stock up that pantry!

Food is the most important thing in everyone’s house, and sometimes, that’s the one thing we forget to stock up on. While your baby solely depends on your breast milk and maybe formula (depends), you need food to survive during this challenging, amazing phase. Get stuff in bulk, from food that are ready to make to fresh stocks. It is important to have formula handy as an alternative to breast milk as there could be a chance you need someone to help feed your child when you step out for a bit or if you’re resting.

A loooong shopping list

Dear To-Be Mommies, it’s time to indulge. Products like onesies and diapers, for both day and night, will be a requirement at all times. Add soaps, shampoos, massage oils and powders to that list. Other necessary items include a feeding bottle, pacifier, crib/cradle and stroller. We know, this is a LOT.  But taking care of this list of products will make your job as a mother easier, as you know you have the essentials for your little one within your reach.

Get ready to feed. A lot!

You know you have to be prepared to feed your baby multiple times in a day. From stylish nursing bras to tops and dresses that make nursing easy, buy everything you need. All that feeding may result in sore nipples, so you will also require to keep creams, lotions and ointments that help soothe the same.

Mom essentials

If you have been using a vitamin E oil or a stretch mark cream, continue doing so. If not, get these products now and if you know your skin type, stock up on your favourite and most effective lotion, as post pregnancy, your skin only gets more sensitive. Also, you need the best care you can get for your long tresses at this point, as you may be experiencing hair fall or noticing a change in hair texture. For this, be sure to get the most mild shampoo for your hair.


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