Mothercare is a British brand that deals with products for expectant mothers and general products for children up to 8 years old. The brand was started in the year 1961 and has since grown internationally too. In India, the brand has its own showrooms in almost all the major cities. They are also famous over all the major online shopping websites.

Here are ten products from Mothercare that every mother with a newborn should have.

1. Mothercare All We Know Baby Shampoo

This product is a baby-friendly shampoo that is gentle on your baby’s hair and scalp. A baby’s scalp is delicate and needs a gentle shampoo. This shampoo is a no tear formula that avoids eye irritation. It has ingredients like olive oil, which help in proper hair growth and conditioning. It also has chamomile, which soothes the scalp. It is quite affordable and is available easily.

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2. Mothercare All We Know Baby Powder

The powder is a must, especially for babies born during the summers. This product is ideal to reduce irritation and discomfort caused due to sweat and humidity. A baby’s skin is three times thinner than an adult’s skin. It needs products that are delicate on the skin and which cause no harm. This powder from Mothercare has natural ingredients like chamomile extracts and olive oil, which provide soothing comfort and the right amount of moisture to your baby’s skin. It is also hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antifungal in nature.

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3. Mothercare All We Know Baby Lotion

For babies born during the winter, a lotion which provides moisture is very important. This lotion from Mothercare provides moisture to your baby’s skin to keep it soft and delicate. It has natural ingredients like chamomile oil and olive oil, which are gentle on the skin. It also soothes your baby’s soft skin and keeps the dryness away. Its non-greasy formula will not make the skin feel sticky. It has a mild fragrance, which keeps your baby’s skin feeling fresh. Also, it is priced quite reasonably.

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4. Mothercare Wipes With Lotion

Mothercare’s baby wipes, which come with lotion, are a must-have. It helps in cleaning as well as moisturising right after cleaning. It has aloe vera extracts, making it gentle for use on the baby’s skin. They come in resealable packs.

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5. Mothercare Oral Care Kit

This amazing oral care kit has all the necessary items needed to keep your baby’s gums and teeth clean and healthy. It includes a gum massager, which is perfect for babies. There is also a finger toothbrush to help keep the gums and teeth healthy while traveling. You will also find a toddler toothbrush, which comes in the perfect size for your child.

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6. Mothercare Baby Grooming Set (White)

Mothercare’s baby grooming set contains all the necessary items to keep your baby well groomed. It contains a brush and comb that has been specially designed for your baby. It has curved edges and soft nylon bristles to provide comfort to the skin. Also part of the set is a small pair of nail scissors and nail clippers, which have been designed for your baby’s tiny nails. They are 100% safe for babies. They also have nail files. For a kit this convenient, it is quite affordable. They also come in different colours.

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7. Mothercare Swaddling Blanket (Grey)

Mothercare’s swaddling blanket is made out of 100% cotton and is suitable for newborns to 14-month-old babies. They provide comfort and a feeling of safety and security. They are a little expensive but worth the price. They also come in different colours.

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8. Baby Station Mothercare Diaper Bag

This diaper bag is a must for every mother with toddlers and newborns. They are comfortable to carry and handle. They have an adjustable shoulder strap, which makes it easy to carry it on your shoulders. They have different compartments for different items. All the necessary items for the babies can fit into this bag. They come in affordable prices and various designs.

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9. Mothercare Comfy Trainer With Handles

Mothercare’s comfy trainer with handles makes your baby’s first time on an adult’s toilet easy and comfortable. They have handles, which help them feel safe. The soft, padded seats provide comfort and warmth. They can be used at home or even while traveling. They help make toilet training easy and comfortable. They are available in a variety of beautiful designs.

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10. Mothercare Disposable Breast Pads

For breastfeeding mothers, these are a must-have item. Leaking of breast milk is seen during pregnancy and after delivery. These disposable breast pads provide an easy way to prevent leaking and staining of clothes and bedsheets. They are easy to use and can absorb excess milk. They provide comfort and the waterproof material stops the moisture from stain the clothes.

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