When you are carrying a miracle in your womb, you don’t have much time to think about what to wear on your foot. But let’s not ignore the fact that all women like their footwear to be stylish. Though heels are always stylish, we have got some great options when it comes to flats that will keep you stylish yet comfortable. We have included footwear for all occasions, so you don’t have to go hunting for good quality chappals/slippers/shoes ever again.

Enjoy this beautiful time as much as you can and prepare yourself to walk in these shoes multiple times.    

1. Stable Tan Brown

This open-toed beauty is perfect for any expecting mother. It has a buckle closure, so it gives you the feeling of security that your footwear won’t give away when you are walking. Tan is a colour that will go with any outfit and matches with all the other colours. This colour and strappy style is surely going to make you feel stylish yet grounded.

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2. Classic Black and White

Experts in the fashion world say that whenever you are unsure of what colour to wear, go with black and white. These two colours are known to go with every other colour, as if they were made just for it. This shoe is easy to slip on and off. And since it is black in colour, any stain that comes on it will not leave its mark there permanently. According to us and many others, this black shoe with a white sole is a safe yet stylish option for pregnant women.

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3. Metals all the way

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in your life, where you sit back to reflect on your decisions and choices. Think away with these chic slippers and be on top of your game wearing them. They are very comfortable to be and walk in. It has an ethnic as well as western look to it, so pair it with any garb you choose.

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4. Leather kolhapuri

If you love all things ethnic, you have to own a good pair of kolhapuris. And there can never be enough of them on your shoe rack. Include these kolhapuri chappals with ghungroo on them to your collection. The gold ghungroo on this earthy brown pair are a classic match to your kurta and patiala. Also, if you want to be edgy, wear it with a tunic top.

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5. South India’s Empress

This chappal is perfect for any party. The design and style bring out the South Indian look like no other, but still making it uber stylish. The red, gold, brown and green merge with each other so well, and will make you admire them on your feet every now and then. You will never fret over what to wear with your saree for the next function ever again. This brings out the traditional side of you, while making you look extremely stylish.

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