Pregnancy is a time of relaxing and ogling over baby stuff. Do this while staying on cloud 9 with these amazing products that will totally rock your world.

1. Tennis Ball

Isn’t a shocker? This basic sports ball works like magic on your back when you are in need of a massage. Ask your husband to roll these balls on your back and feel relief like never before. Soon you’ll be addicted.

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2. Memory Foam Mattress

Want to sleep in a field of clouds? Well, that is unfortunately not possible, but with a good memory foam mattress, you can have the next best thing. These are amazing and we’d definitely recommend one for any pregnant women, especially those with pelvic, sciatic, hip, and/or back pain.

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3. Maternity Pillow

Pregnancy makes sleeping quite the task, but not if you have a comfy pregnancy pillow to cradle your bump. The cozy and fluffy pillow will provide you with all the comfort you’ll need to have the best slumber of your life every night.

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4. Netflix

As you go through your pregnancy, you’ll be able to work less and will have more time on your hands. During this time, you will need a God-sent saviour to keep you entertained. Netflix is your knight in shining armour during times like this. Get yourself an account and never be bored again (the first month is free, so you can try it out). Read this article to see the best shows on Netflix to keep our mums busy.

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