You’ve done the deed, paid your dues for 9 months and you can’t wait to get back into shape, only that it doesn’t seem that easy now, does it? Baby care is a brand new experience and might take up a lot of your time and energy. Exercising sounds daunting and trying to fit into your new mommy schedule might not seem as easy as several celebrity moms with personal help and trainers make it look like. The baby pouch, a result of your pregnancy, is definitely a hindrance when considering getting into shape. It’s important to start off slow, as your body has experienced great levels of stress due to your pregnancy. Consider a light exercise regime; make it fun and fitting into your favourite pair of skinny jeans will be a definite possibility.

Here are 5 ways to make exercising fun and exciting.

1. Dancing or Zumba

Zumba is an effective way to lose belly fat, as it strengthens and tightens your core, which generally consists of the muscles that have stretched themselves out while pregnancy. Zumba, these days is famous for its Latin-Marimba-like beats, which can in fact be very liberating to dance to. For all those new moms, Zumba will be a high energy night club dance routine and a wonderful time to relieve you of all the baby care stress.

2. Pilates

Be in constant contact with your doctor before you start any exercise regime and if you’ve had a C-section, it’s advisable to wait for around 6-weeks before to get into fitness mode. Pilates is a very holistic approach towards weight-loss. The regimen of pilates is based on six principles – concentration, control, centering, flow, breathing and precision. The idea of pilates is based on muscle control, thereby helping you be in control of your body in the process. Powerhouse planks, plies, knee dancing exercises and C curls are fun ways to kick start your pilates workout plan

3. Stroller Workouts and Walking

This seems to be the simplest, healthiest and safest way to lose weight. You can spend the evenings walking with your baby in the stroller and simultaneously burn a few calories. There is no spot reduction effect that comes with this form of exercising, but it does lead to a healthier and more consistent weight loss process.

4. Power Yoga

Breathing exercises alongside some light stretching is a calming method for weight-loss. Opt for asanas that focus on your pelvic region. Power yoga is also a good way to go, as it helps customize the experience according to your need. In power yoga, teachers have more flexibility in terms of arranging postures according to their preferences. Power yoga helps in strengthening you and it will eventually make you feel like your old fit self again.

5. Hula Hoops

Hula hooping helps burn around 600 calories per hour and helps sculpt the waist. But you don’t have push it to an hour, as it is quite physically intensive. Stick to a safe limit of around 15 minutes accompanied by some lift cardio. When you start, use a weighted hula hoop as it is easier to rotate it when compared to a light hula hoop. Put on some fun music, grab a hula hoop and become a child again.

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