You will be surprised to know that using a wireless gadget during pregnancy can turn out to be a hazard to your baby. It is not necessary for you to swear off gadgets altogether, but you will need to reduce the use of them. Wireless gadgets have the tendency of sending out high radiations that might cause a behavioural disorder in your child. Most cases of child deformity are accounted to gadget radiation.

During pregnancy, it is advisable for you to avoid long hours on the phone or using the laptop resting on your baby bump. These directly influence your child’s overall brain development. Avoid keeping the phone on or close to you while it is on vibration mode. An addiction to anything can turn out disastrous, so ensure that the gadget does not become an addiction in your time of leisure, especially during pregnancy. However, short moments with the phone will not have any effect on your baby’s health.

Research has suggested that the use of wireless gadgets can cause harm to the body of a pregnant woman. This directly impacts your child growing inside you. It has the ability to cause long-standing deformities in you as well. For the sake of your unborn baby, it is advisable for you to reduce the use of these gadgets to a minimal.

Diminishing the rate at which you resort to the internet or your wireless gadgets will make you put your healthy brain to work. Not using the gadget might set a good example for your child after they are born. Keeping gadgets away from your body and your child’s can save you the uncertainty of a behaviourally disordered child.

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