Once you have felt the supple skin of your after wax skin down there, you might not ever want to go back to shaving. However, waxing during pregnancy and postpartum can raise quite a few questions among mothers. The uncertainty regarding the safety of getting a wax done can result in avoiding intimacy with your spouse. These are normal indecisive matters that cloud your mind.

During Pregnancy

Most women prefer cleaning up their hair, making their skin better to look at. During pregnancy, the fact remains that your skin is extra sensitive. Your skin is stretched to an extent that it causes evident stretch marks. In order to avoid adding to the already existing stretch marks, each pull from the strip might hurt more than it normally does.

In case you are extremely uncomfortable with the shabby look, you can go ahead and get it waxed. However, make sure you take precautions before you do this. Research the salon that you are going to. Some salons specialise in such cases of waxing during pregnancy, so try to find these salons. They take care of the fact that your skin is much more sensitive than that of a customer that is not pregnant.

Doing it at home should be avoided at any cost, especially your bikini area, as your bump grows to an extent where you cannot get a clear view of the area you are waxing. You might end up brutally hurting your private parts. Avoid any such disasters with your sensitive skin. Going to a good salon will solve your problem with immense care.


Immediately after delivery, you might want to achieve the prepartum body. This is quite impossible. Even though celebrities make this transition look effortless, it is a tedious task. Waxing yourself postpartum is strongly discouraged by most doctors. Your body has just undergone an acute level of pain and trauma. Let this discomfort get out of your system before you add on to it. Especially when it comes to your bikini area, the skin in and around this area is quite sensitive to even a slight tug.

Healing might take a while longer if there is an added outburst of pain. Since the area is extremely sensitive after childbirth, it is best for you to wait at least 8-9 months before you go ahead with waxing, particularly a full bikini wax.

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