Pregnancy changes your body inside out. Your body is making place for a tiny human, so it is only obvious that your body is bound to work extra hard. Although, most pregnant women do not know of or realise the enormous changes their heart undergoes during the nine months.

1. Your heart grows bigger during pregnancy. Also, it grows around 12 percent more than its normal size. This is because of the excess strain on your heart to pump blood. Since the work is twice the amount of a normal woman and because even the simplest thing will be twice as hard to do when you’re pregnant, you might be able to hear your heartbeat. Do not worry as your heart getting a little larger at this time is not necessarily dangerous, but rather an expected part of your pregnancy.

2. Your heart pumps out twice the amount of blood into your system during pregnancy. The need to develop your child’s organs at the prime time is initiated by the blood cells in your body. So, your heart has to pump out an enormous amount of blood per day for a healthy baby.

3. Your heart rate and cardiac movements increase when you are pregnant, as your heart is working harder than normal, i.e., when you were not pregnant. This shows the intensity of the pressure on your heart to maintain a healthy baby.

It’s hard to imagine that your heart, a tiny organ that already has such an important task in maintaining your body, works twice as hard to support the little human growing inside you. Your heart is one of the main reasons that your child has a healthy development inside your womb and is born to be a normal child.

So, after reading this, you must realize the grave importance of your heart’s health, as it’s the least you can do for your heart for toiling for your baby. 

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