Pregnancy is undoubtedly a blissful experience. Everything about it goes on to become a memory worth cherishing; in the sense, it is almost as if you’re proud of the fact you can create another life, something you thought only God is capable of. Everything just seems absolutely divine. However, there’s also a lot of things that make you have second thoughts about this divine feeling that we just raved about. For example, stretch marks. These are only a natural after effect and there’s no need to hate them.

We’re going to help you get started on reducing the marks and take care of your skin in the process. For this, the creams and oils mentioned below need to be on your upcoming shopping list.    

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula

This particular cream has proven to be highly effective in a number of cases and we suggest you give it a try. It is rich in Vitamin E, which not only helps soothe the skin, but also reduces stretch marks. We urge you to start using it now, as it has been known to produce some great results.

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Bio Oil

This one-in-a-million oil is a superhero that treats everything from dry, aging, uneven skin to stretch marks. When using it, keep in mind to rub it gently on your belly 2-3 times everyday to see the results. This recommendation comes from a survey of many moms who’ve used the product and found it to be effective.

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Himalaya For Moms Toning Massage Oil

A good 15-20 minute massage 2-3 times using this oil everyday stimulates blood circulation and helps the muscles and skin tone, besides reducing stretch marks.

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Castor Oil or Olive Oil

Both these oils have worked marvellously on stretch marks for ages and it’s what even your granny would recommend. Massage your belly and other affected areas for a minimum of 15 minutes before a bath. Massage it again before you sleep and see the results in a few weeks.

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We suggest you to start using these products as soon as you hit your second trimester until you deliver your baby, and sometimes even after. Take care!

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