Excessive hair loss is a part of postpartum. The hormones in your body are trying to regularize to normalcy, and in the process, your hair might fall out in chunks. There is nothing to worry about, as this is just the extra hair that has grown through the course of your pregnancy. Once these hormones regularize, you will have your beautiful hair back.

It is important that you take care of your sensitive hair postpartum, as this will help in the smooth transition. Here are a few combs that we recommend for the best care of your hair post-pregnancy.

1. Wooden comb

Wooden wide tooth combs are advisable for mothers experiencing excess hair fall. The wood reduces the friction with your hair, keeping your hair firm at the root. The wide teeth ensure effortless detangling with minimal hair loss. Wooden combs are advisable for women in general.

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2. Tackle Tangles

This is a godsent for all those mothers with tremendous hair loss issue! Detangling your sensitive hair can result in hair loss. This comb ensures that your scalp gets massaged while detangling your hair with ease.

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3. Massage comb

The inbuilt vibrating bristles on this hair brush give you a much-needed hair massage at home. The brush can be used to pamper your hair anytime you feel like you need pampering. This comb massages the roots, enhancing hair growth. You can be rest assured that your hair will look healthy and full after using this product.

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4. Oil applicator

This comb comes with a bottle of oil attached to it. The oil is an ayurvedic treatment for your vulnerable hair, and spreads onto and absorbs easily and evenly into your scalp. The wide-toothed comb ensures tangle-free hair with minimal hair loss.

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5. Soft brush

This hairbrush has soft bristles that brush your hair from scalp to tip with minimal breakage. The brush is extremely gentle on your scalp and to your hair, and will retain it’s shine in time after pregnancy. Combs have a tendency of drying your hair out. This brush keeps your natural oil in place by smoothly massaging your scalp with every touch.

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