It isn’t easy being a parent if you’re also working to make several ends meet. We understand the amount of coordination that is required in a family where both the mother and father are working. On top of that, the endless cries you have to hear after you’ve had a long day at work make your heart cry because you can’t be with your baby the whole day, no matter how much you die for it. And for all you know, you have your days filled with numerous unnecessary quarrels and bickering that add on to your baby’s howling, almost turning your place into a mad house.

But what are you supposed to do in such a situation? You can’t just give up on the career you’ve worked so hard for, neither can you let your baby or your house suffer. So, finding a middle ground becomes your only option. And trust us, when we say we know your plight, we really, really do! Believe us, you’re not alone.

Like we said, this is a very common problem faced by thousands of parents. If you relate to these 5 problems,  we have thought of a few solutions for them as well. Give it a read.

1. Anxiety about daycare at work

It is scary when you know your child is in someone else’s hands. Her eating habits, her crying spells – you’re just too scared to let anyone take over. What if the daycare staff is insensitive or has too many babies to handle at a time?

But don’t worry. Even if you can’t be present with your baby physically, you can ask your mom or dad to babysit her whenever possible. Coordinate with your family, check with their availability, ask them to take shifts and be with the baby.

Entrusting your child into the hands of someone safe is like getting rid of the biggest burden you have on your head. Plus, you also provide your parents a chance to cuddle and snuggle with their grandchildren

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