Post pregnancy, there are a lot of changes. They range from the change in the schedule of a day to a miracle that is your baby. A change that comes along with all those other changes is the reduction in hair growth and the dullness of your hair. Don’t worry and don’t risk the chances of losing out on more of your precious strands. Instead, save them with these nominally-priced and effective shampoos.

1. Garnier Fructis Long & Strong Strengthening Shampoo

This shampoo is for weak hair with split ends, which results in the difficulty of hair growth. But the good news is that with the use of this shampoo, your hair becomes much stronger. The shampoo works from within, so the length of your hair is guaranteed to look intensely shinier.

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2. Himalaya Herbals Protein Shampoo

Nothing is better than a herbal product of any category. It gives us comfort in knowing that whichever shampoo we are using, it will give you a result that will stay on for a really long time. Go for Himalaya’s herbal care shampoo. It won’t harm your hair in any way.

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3. Trichup Healthy Long & Strong Herbal Hair Shampoo

This shampoo from trichup contains aloe vera and henna, which give you strength and colour, respectively. It moisturises, nourishes and revitalises the hair follicles. Since this shampoo is mostly organic, many have loved its results. A must-buy from our side, it makes your hair so good, alive and voluminous.

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4. TRESemme Ionic Strength Shampoo

This professional quality shampoo is good for all types of hair. It contains salon grade ionic complex that protects your hair against all the damage caused by electrical appliances such as a straightener or blow dryer. It leaves your hair nourished and strong.
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5. Clinic Plus Strong and Long Health Shampoo

This shampoo works gently from the root to the tip. It nourishes your hair and makes it 35 times stronger. It can be used for all hair types and is recommended for its amazing results when used every day. So, if you are a person who washes their hair on a daily basis, you have found your perfect shampoo.

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