Babies are delicate creatures who are prone to diseases very quickly. In case you observe a change in behaviour than the routine one, it is highly likely that your baby is ill. If he/she is not eating, crying or behaving a certain way, you need to immediately consult a physician.

If you see your baby waking up with flushed cheeks and skin radiating heat, pick up a thermometer and check his/her temperature. If the temperature is above normal, you need to grab some medicines for your baby or call the doctor for instant help.

Below are some signs that require urgent attention in a baby with a fever.

1. Temperature of 100.4°F or higher

A temperature that is less than 100.4°F (38°C) is considered to be normal, even for an infant. If the body temperature is 100.4°F (38°C) or higher, your baby needs medical assistance.
The temperature might vary with the time of the day, with it being high late in the afternoon and dropping early in the morning. Consider your baby to be free from fever if the thermometer doesn’t read it to be 100.4°F (38°C).

2. Unusual behaviour

Your baby might be cranky and fussy unlike the other days if he/she has a fever. They may appear to be lethargic, display no interest in playing and display a poor sleeping or eating pattern. All these actions are signs of a fever.

3. Febrile seizures

If your baby is comparatively small in size or weight, fevers can trigger febrile seizures, which may last for a few seconds or a few minutes. Seizures might be a frightening experience for the parents as well as the kid, but they are usually harmless to the baby’s health.
If the seizure lasts for a long time, i.e., longer than a few minutes and obstructs your baby’s breathing, urgent help is required. To be sure and to avoid such a situation, a regular check up would do.

4. Body symptoms

Various symptoms in the baby’s body also reflect ill health, which might lead to fever and be serious in nature. The child may have an ear ache, a sore throat, a rash, or a stomach ache. He/she might also feel more thirsty than usual. These signs can provide important clues to the cause of the fever.

5. Constant vomiting

If your baby has a severe stomach ache and vomiting, he/she might have high fever. If they do not respond or face some problem in breathing, consulting is doctor becomes necessary.

Fever is the body’s way of fighting infection, so it is not a bad thing. You need not worry because of increased body temperature. Identify the symptoms, give proper medication and let your baby rest. Everything will be alright! 

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