A year ago, when I found that I was going to be a mother, I was euphoric. The joy of bringing life you have created into this world is a feeling that is beyond my imagination. With this news, a wave of happiness came in our life, and that too, after long long wait of 10 years!!! 10 Years!!

The journey

We had almost lost hope of having our own child. But it’s been said that some miracles takes time, and this is true in our case. A miracle did happen! Every time I saw a kid around me hugging their mother, I would feel so down. Whenever the topic of kids was discussed in office on different forums, it would upset me. Now that I know I am going to be a mother, I am the happiest I will ever be. I became a mother the day my Beta HCG report came in positive. I received that news in office before starting our daily SCRUM meeting. I still can’t forget that day – 9th March, 2016. Just before entering  the meeting room, my mobile vibrated and I saw a message from the pathology laboratory about my blood test. Honestly, I couldn’t pay attention during the meeting and all the time, I felt like dancing in the meeting room. Somehow, I was able to control that feeling. When the meeting was over, I made the first call to my husband and the second to my Dad.

10 years was a long wait period, however, after this news, I couldn’t wait for the nine months to end. Like every other expectant mum, I entered this beautiful phase of pregnancy and started enjoying every single moment of it. With a loving husband, caring parents, siblings, helpful neighbors, supporting colleagues and manager, my pregnancy was bliss. I was taken care of very well. Despite the age factor, my little bundle of joy was blossoming and healthy inside my womb. It is indeed a great feeling to have life growing inside you. Both my husband and I were so very excited to meet our baby.

Unavoidable circumstances

When I entered into the 29th week of pregnancy, complications started. All of a sudden I got the feeling that my child’s movement was getting less. We consulted a doctor who asked me to undergo a daily NST scan, alternate day sonography and weekly Doppler. With that, he said that if there were any complications, we might have to go for pre-term delivery. My husband and I were tensed, however, deep inside, I had faith that everything would be fine. We followed every single instruction of doctor. We were just praying that we should deliver as soon as the 9 months were done. GOD is great! He does listen all our prayers and we were able to pass through this phase. During this time, I would meditate with the Art of Living team and it helped me calm down. I also did pre-natal exercises with the help of a teacher who would come home. Somehow 35 weeks passed and another complication came into the picture. My blood pressure used to rise during a day, sometimes passing 90 and 130 and hence, we were again advised to keep regular note of my BP every morning, afternoon and evening. If the readings were on the higher side for three time continuously, we would have to undergo a C-section. I was admitted for a day to monitor my blood pressure, after which, I was discharged. My 35th week had already started. We were again back  home and I was enjoying my pregnancy. Suddenly, during the 36th week, I stopped feeling movement from 8:30PM to mid night 2:00 AM. We called the doctor and I had to get admitted. The nurse did an NST scan and found that everything was okay. The next morning, the doctor asked us to take a decision on the date. I was admitted the same evening again and my C-section was planned for the next day. The entire night, I couldn’t sleep and only prayed to GOD to keep my little one safe.

Finally, the day came……..

And finally, the wait was over. I was lying on the OT table. The doctor was asking me to close my eyes, but I was listening to them. I heard my baby cry for the first time and my all pain vanished. The doctor congratulated me and told me it was a girl! Honestly, even with the anesthesia, I couldn’t sleep at all. I heard all the conversations of the doctor. When I was taken out of the OT room, I saw my little wonder swaddled in a green cloth. When I held her for first time, all I could do was thank God for blessing me with the most beautiful girl on this planet. I felt like I was reborn. Now, I am proud mom of my pretty little princess.Though I’m imperfect, I love her the most, and will try to be perfect mom for her. I will always be by her side.

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