If you’re like most new parents, having a new addition to the family has no doubt added some interesting obstacles to your sex life. For one, it takes some time to get your groove back on after pregnancy, but what is even more difficult to deal with is finding the time in your busy schedule as a new parent. In addition, privacy is an absolute luxury (and any time alone is often spent resting), so be prepared to jump at opportunities for having sex after a baby when (and where) they present themselves.

Here are some creative tips for new parents to spice up their sex life. If you go ahead with any of these things, your post-pregnancy sex life should be better than ever!

1. Try new places

Who needs a bed anymore? Chances are, your bed these days is reserved for sleeping (a priority after becoming a parent). Any other place is worth trying and is sure to spice up the sex. Consider the couch, your car, kitchen (if there are no in-laws ), or the shower.

2. Go vanilla

You don’t need to go to town every time. If you can’t seem to find the time for a full-blown lovemaking session, a well-placed caress or a passionate kiss on the lips can turn up the flame pretty quickly. (Who knows, you might just find the time after all.)

3. Baby nap time

An easy way to squeeze in sex into your life after the baby is to turn naptime into nooky-time. When the baby takes a long nap after being fed, get busy. The chores can always wait.

4. Compliment

Not feeling like your sexy self? Out of the blue, let your husband know how hot you think he is (he sure will return the compliments!). Just like you, he may not be feeling too sexy these days either, so tell him that he is. This might evoke the lover in him and lead to a heated rendezvous instantly.

5. Be the woman you were

Get out of your mommy rut with a fresh beauty routine that will have you feeling sexy after pregnancy in no time. Take small steps towards getting your mojo back after baby, and your after-baby sex life will follow suit.

6. Conversation

Talk it up. You both may be utterly exhausted and not in the mood for it, but you can ramp up your sex drive post pregnancy by simply talking about it: How exciting it used to be, how often you used to do it, what you’d like to do if only you had the energy now, this will definitely arouse you if not him. And remember, asking for it, will get you what you want, Men love it when women propose sex.

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